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This Week's Featured Reports and News

Mike Guilfoyle Value of Asset Management at the Grid Edge

As the latest move in its ongoing initiative to modernize the state's grid, California's Public Utility Commission (PUC) recently issued a decision to update state policy related to distribution grid interconnection of distributed energy resources (DER). Interconnection is the process by which utilities connect DER hardware and software to the outside electrical power system.​​​​​​​​The revised policy requires utilities to publish distributed generation cost guides for electric generation developers. It caps developer cost at 125 percent of a utility's estimate for interconnection projects. The ruling applies to projects that don't fall within net metering.


Harry Forbes Business Models for Open Process Automation

As new open process automation systems are developed and commercialized, there will inevitably be a long transitional period as owner-operators migrate the installed base of DCS equipment to the new architecture. Some may decide to upgrade their installed DCS technology rather than adopt an entirely new automation architecture. ARC expects that the transition from a DCS installation to the new architecture could be as difficult as a DCS upgrade. However, from that point forward, up-dates to the new open architecture systems should be much smaller and easier to manage.​​​