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This Week's Featured Reports and News

Chantal Polsonetti Retrofits - The Difference Between Point Solutions and the Industrial Internet

ARC research indicates that the industrial sector could be the greatest potential beneficiaries of the IoT value proposition in terms of both connected end products and connected production assets and operations. Manufacturing is known for its slow pace of technology adoption, but the combination of the connectivity value proposition for new installations combined with the retrofit of the huge installed base of production equipment translate to significant potential benefit for manufacturers.

Chris Cunnane Omni-Channel Fulfillment: The Practitioners’ Perspective

Omni-channel commerce is arguably the hottest topic in supply chain management. Over the last few years, we've seen the term evolve from "multi-channel" to "cross-channel" to "omni-channel." Multi-channel, and to some degree cross-channel, both refer to selling goods and services through multiple channels. As business practices and customer opinions have evolved, this no longer suffices. Omni-channel commerce, the latest incarnation, fulfills the need to integrate channels and the total customer experience.