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Dave Woll
Dave Woll
Vice President, Consulting Services
Dave is a senior member of the ARC staff primarily responsible for developing the strategic direction for ARC's products and services for the process industries.
Dave's focus areas include real-time performance management and operational excellence solutions, collaborative process automation, performance management, process information management, and actionable context.
Dave's extensive background in production management and control allows him to provide guidance and support to ARC's clients across the breadth of the process and hybrid industries.  Dave is currently focused on assisting major users in the development of their process automation strategies.  He provides an understanding of critical user issues from sensors and actuation through business system integration.
Dave has been with ARC since 1997 and has been defining and applying process automation for over 35 years.  This includes the marketing and application of control, safety, SCADA, measurement systems, and business integration.  During his twenty years at the Foxboro Company, he held positions as Marketing Director for Chemical Oil & Gas, Industry Sales Manager, and Director of Software Marketing.  These positions provided Dave with a depth of knowledge of the process industries, applications and platforms. Prior to Foxboro, Dave spent 11 years at Bristol Babcock where he held such positions as Product Line Manager for Telemetry and Custody Transfer Products, and Gas & Pipeline Industry Manager. These positions broadened Dave's knowledge of SCADA and Measurement Systems.

Throughout his career this diversified background has supported him in various assignments to secure "Preferred Relationships" with major worldwide clients using solution oriented strategies.  Among these clients are some of the world's largest integrated oil companies.
Dave holds a BSEE from the University of Connecticut.

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