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Ralph Rio
Vice President Enterprise Software
Ralph's focus areas include Enterprise Asset Management (EAM), Field Service Management (FSM), and Global Service Providers (GSP)


Below is a brief overview of Ralph's focus areas:
Enterprise Asset Management and Field Service Management: Ralph’s experience involved managing engineering functions in manufacturing which included a three shift maintenance team and a tool room. Ralph has written over a hundred reports including the Best Practices for Maintenance Management global user survey and report, and the Enterprise Asset Management and Field Service Management Worldwide Outlook Studies. Ralph also developed the STAR application selection guide for EAM applications. For mobility solutions, he has written reports on the trends and market dynamics for in-plant and field service applications.
Global Service Providers: Both previous to and at ARC, Ralph has worked with Global Service Providers (GSP). He developed the GSP STAR selection guide that includes both selection criteria and guided workflow steps for choosing a services provider. The criteria extend from corporate IT to manufacturing IT. He has also written several reports involving GSPs and their customer successes.​
Continuous Improvement Programs: Ralph's surveys provide best practice benchmarks for managing a Lean Manufacturing program. Ralph is a Six Sigma Black Belt and has been involved with Six Sigma since its beginnings at Motorola and the roll-out at GE. His experiences at these firms provide him with a unique perspective for the management of continuous improvement programs.

Ralph has 40+ years experience with manufacturing and industrial applications. Ralph has been with ARC Advisory Group since 2000. Before joining ARC, his roles include marketing and product management for suppliers, as well as engineering-in-manufacturing functions for end-users. Ralph was with General Electric, Intellution/Emerson, Digital Equipment Corp., Motorola, and Texas Instruments.

Ralph holds a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering and an M.S. in Management Science from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, NY.
Videos at ARC Forum in February 2016
EAM and FSM Introduction and Benefits of IIoT; 10 minutes
Moving to Higher APM with Industrial IoT; 10 minutes
The Intersection of Enterprise Asset Management and Industrial IoT; 8 minutes
Service Performance Management by OEMS with Industrial IoT; 9 minutes
Other Videos:
Industry in Transition: The Information Driven Enterprise in a Connected World;
ARC Forum Keynote India July 2014;
29 minutes
ALM and How IoT can Effect Equipment Maintenance; ARC Forum February 2014; 10 minutes
ALIM and How IoT Lowers Spare Parts Inventory; ARC Forum February 2014;
11 minutes
Drivers for EAM and FSM; ARC Form February 2013; 10 minutes
Best Practices for Enterprise Asset Management (EAM); ARC Forum February 2012
Effective Maintenance Management Helps Lafarge Cement Grow to become Global Market Leader: Interview in September 2013
Asset Management for Facilities, Plants, and Field Service: Interview at IBM Pulse in March 2012
Maintenance Management and Impact on the Supply Chain; ARC Forum February 2011
About EAM - What is it and Why it is needed: Ralph Rio is interviewed at IBM Pulse in March 2011
Save Money with Better Asset Management: In this video, Ralph Rio is interviewed at the ARC World Industry Forum Orlando 2010 by Supply Chain Brain magazine on the current trends for EAM systems from a recent survey.
ARC Research Reports and Publications
• Leading Industrial Organizations Improve Asset Management with Industrial IoT – October 2016
• Intersection of IIoT and Asset Management – July 2016
• Field Service Management Global Market Research Study - June 2016
 Enterprise Asset Management Global Market Research Study - June 2016
 Industrial IoT-Enabled Remote Monitoring Improves OEM Service Performance – May 2016
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 “Small Data” for Enhanced Asset Performance - August 2014
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Asset Information Management for Automation Systems - July 2013
Building a Business Case for Industrial Software Projects Helps Ensure Success – April 2013
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Strategies for Responding to the Current Surge in Technology Adoption – January 2013
3D Laser Scanning Delivers Benefits in Both Discrete and Process Industries – October 2012
Asset Performance Management Strategy and Execution – September 2012
• Disruptive Innovation: S3D and Windows 8 – September 2012
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· Organizational Trends for Control Engineering, Manufacturing IT, and Corporate IT – Oct. 2011
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· Mobility in EAM and the New iPad – April 2010
· Users’ Current Practices and Future Plans for EAM Systems - February 2010
· Business Dynamics Driven by Cloud Computing and SaaS – January 2010
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· Reduce Maintenance Costs with Lean Six Sigma – April 2009
· Maintenance Contracting, Current Practices and Benchmarks – March 2009
· Distributed Condition Monitoring – February 2009
· Incorporating AIM in Operations and IT Strategies – November 2008
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· Solution Guide and Strategies for Production Mgt. in the Hybrid Industries – Aug. 2008
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· Six Sigma and Shareholder Value - May 2004
· Six Sigma Program Best Practices - April 2004

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