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Scott Evans
Scott's focus areas include Additive Manufacturing/3D Printing, 3D Laser Scanning, Machine Vision, and Autonomous Mobile Robotics.  He is also a member of ARC's Internet of Things (IoT) team.

​Scott has been with ARC since 2012. Prior to joining the company, Scott interned for Senator Scott Brown and worked for two summers at the Schuster Institute for Investigative Journalism. At the Schuster Institute, Scott conducted research on pending legislation and its impact on supply chain operations.

Scott has a B.A. from Brandeis University. He graduated summa cum laude with high honors with a major in International and Global Studies and a minor in German. He wrote a Thesis on the ramifications of the European economic crisis on future expansion of the European Union, using Serbia as a case study. While at Brandeis, his courses focused on economics and international relations.
ARC Research Reports and Publications
  • Embracing the Robotic Revolution - March 2014
  • Demystifying Production Challenges in 3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing - February 2014
  • Automation Technology Shows Promise to Increase Healthcare Efficiencies - November 2013
  • Millennials - The Future of Manufacturing - October 2013
  • Robotic Technologies Benefit Subsea Industries - October 2013
  • Healthcare Industry Benefits from Additive Manufacturing - October 2013
  • Laser Scanning Technology Shortens and Optimizes the Plant Design-Build Lifecycle - August 2013
  • 3D Laser Scanning Worldwide Market Outlook Study - July 2013
  • Autonomous Mobile Robotics Worldwide Market Outlook Study - May 2013
  • Additive Manufacturing Emerging as a Game Changer in the Sports Equipment Industry - May 2013
  • Hanover Fair Intensifies the Drive toward the Fourth Industrial Revolution - May 2013
  • Emerging Technology Provides a Backdrop of Innovations at 2013 Hanover Fair - May 2013
  • Trends in Additive Manufacturing - April 2013
  • Additive Manufacturing Worldwide Market Outlook Study - February 2013
  • Additive Manufacturing Creates Savings in the Concept Design Phase - January 2013
  • 3D Printing for Manufacturing - Hype or Reality - December 2012