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Presenting the 20th Annual ARC Industry Forum

Industry in Transition:  Navigating the New Age of Innovation

February 8-11, 2016 - Orlando, Florida

Say Goodbye to the Status Quo for Automation

Over 700 participants attended the 20th Annual ARC Industry Forum in Orlando, representing 300 different companies and coming from more than 25 countries around the globe.  The keynote presentations all reflected the Forum theme, Industry in Transition: Navigating the New Age of Innovation, and served as a call to action for the automation industry.  

ARC Industry Forum Orlando 2016 

Several common messages resonated throughout the initial keynotes.  These included the message that transformative innovation is no longer an option; companies that fail to innovate effectively to meet business challenges will simply cease to exist.  This applies to technology end users and technology suppliers alike.  As we learned, while automation technology has seen only incremental innovation in recent years, that’s about to change; quickly and quite dramatically.

The presenters for this year’s opening keynote presentations included Andy Chatha, ARC’s founder and president; Sandy Vasser, Facilities I&E Manager at ExxonMobil Development; Don Bartusiak, Chief Engineer, Process Control from ExxonMobil Research & Engineering; and Michael Carroll, VP of Innovation & Operations Excellence at Georgia-Pacific. 

We Can All Learn a Lot from Each Other
Andy Chatha kicked off his presentation by asking “first timers” to the Forum to raise their hands.  Quite a few people in the large, but packed general session room at the Renaissance SeaWorld hotel did so; far more than we’d typically expect.  Andy interpreted this as an indication of the increased interest in the topics covered at the Forum and curiosity about how owner-operators are approaching today’s potentially disruptive technologies.  “Clearly, we can all learn from each other,” he observed.  This point came up several times during the keynotes.

Andy Chatha, ARCNext, he brought the audience’s attention to the news release issued just last month announcing that ExxonMobil has awarded Lockheed Martin - a leading aerospace company - a contract to help develop a next-generation automation system for refining and chemical facilities.  Andy also mentioned that the entire ExxonMobil team was at the Forum along with at least one key person from Lockheed Martin.

Andy mentioned that ARC agrees with ExxonMobil that the industry could certainly benefit from more open systems.  “But why Lockheed Martin?” he asked rhetorically.  “When you think about it, it really makes sense.  Like a process plant, an aircraft is very complicated (and just as mission-critical, we might add).  “Our industry can learn a lot from the aerospace industry.”

Significantly, ExxonMobil plans to share the new open architecture and resulting products with the rest of the industry as a commercially available solution.  Andy thanked ExxonMobil for starting this initiative toward open systems and encouraged all industry stakeholders, suppliers and end users alike, to participate.

Andy went on to explain that today’s proprietary systems do not provide a solid foundation for digital transformation.  While most plants are highly automated, the level of automation has not changed significantly in three decades. “We believe the process industries are ripe for digital transformation.  Most process plants are more than 20 years old.  Installed automation and other assets are increasingly expensive to maintain, failure-prone, inefficient, susceptible to cyber attacks, and expensive to upgrade.” 

In conclusion, he made the following recommendations for owner-operators going forward:

  • Be both customer-centric and demand-driven
  • Ensure collaboration
  • Have strong IT and OT engineering resources
  • Embrace open and secure software platforms
  • Seek opportunities for transformation

Think Differently
Sandy Vasser, ExxonMobilPicking up where Andy left off, ExxonMobil’s Sandy Vasser explained that “Think Differently” is his upstream organization’s new mantra.  “This even applies for proven processes.  It’s no longer sufficient for us to just solve a problem; we must be able to solve in the most efficient manner possible.”

According to Mr. Vasser, historical automation-related challenges for capital projects include the numerous dependencies on other disciplines, forcing sequential work execution; late-stage design changes; and highly customized, highly engineered designs.

Recent challenges faced by ExxonMobil (and other many other owner-operators) include having to deal with multiple EPCs and fabrication yards located around the globe, equipment that is supplied from around the globe, and parallel activities to satisfy project schedules.  There is repetitive recycle of design right up until startup and extensive hardware changes throughout execution.  Many changes must be implemented in the field, when the cost of change is greatest.  Automation is always on the critical path and we experience execution and project uncertainty, longer schedules, and higher costs.   As a result, project costs are going up while project returns are getting lower (due in part to the current depressed prices for oil and gas).

“We’ve got to come up with a different approach, so we’re challenging everything we do,” Mr. Vasser said.

He went on to explain the problems related to custom engineering solutions.  “We want to eliminate customized solutions as much as possible.  We need standardization to eliminate a significant number of steps in a project.”  This includes eliminating redundant qualification testing, factory acceptance testing, and site acceptance testing.  “Things like smart I/O have also freed us from dependencies.”

ARC Industry Forum Orlando 2016 

Mr. Vasser concluded his presentation with a quote attributed to Albert Einstein:  We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them. 

ExxonMobil’s Vision
The next keynote was Don Bartusiak from ExxonMobil Research & Engineering.  “Andy asked me to share ExxonMobil’s downstream vision for an open architecture control system and our partnership with Lockheed Martin,” he said.  “I’d like to present the big picture here.  The problem we’re trying to solve is, ‘How can we take the cost out of our process control projects; particularly for greenfield operations?’  There’s a finite time window of opportunity to do so,” he explained.

Don Bartusiak, ExxonMobil“So what’s wrong with the status quo?” he asked rhetorically.  “In a nutshell, it’s too expensive for us to upgrade our process control systems and we’re just not getting enough value from them.  Most of the recent enhancements we’ve made were for level 3 applications that reside above the control systems.”  ARC has observed that ExxonMobil is not alone in this trend.  Mr. Bartusiak also noted that a significant percentage of ExxonMobil Refining and Chemical’s control systems will face obsolescence over the next decade, which ARC research indicates applies to many other companies as well.

To find solutions, ExxonMobil “looked outside our little world,” Bartusiak explained. “We saw opportunities for improvement through open architectures and virtualization; not just for engineering, but also to provide new ways for process control.  We saw a constructive revolution taking place in the defense avionics industry by transitioning from a proprietary ‘stovepipe’ model to fully open and interoperable, standards-based system architecture.  We saw IoT and wireless changing management expectations, with questions such as, ‘Why do we even need control systems anymore?’  And we’re seeing new solutions for the security challenge, with new security models emerging to enable more secure data flow between the operational technology layer and IT/cloud layers.”

Next, Bartusiak addressed the obvious question of why ExxonMobil decided to work with Lockheed Martin, a name rarely heard in the process control world, to supplement its internal resources for this critically important initiative.  He explained that when the company looked around, it found the work of the Open Group Future Airborne Capability Environment (FACE) Consortium very appealing.  Lockheed Martin is a founding member of this joint government-industry consortium.

Innovation Involves More than Just Technology
Upon stepping up to the podium following Mr. Bartusiak’s presentation, Michael Carroll, VP of Innovation & Operations Excellence at Georgia-Pacific, commented, “If you’re not doing this in ten years, you won’t be doing anything.”  Mr. Carroll’s keynote addressed the key challenges to successful innovation.

Michael Carroll, Georgia-PacificAccording to Mr. Carroll, innovation requires both decision and your participation.  To illustrate this, he conveyed that half of his kindergarten classmates from his tiny (and apparently extremely depressed) Midwestern home town of Knockemstiff, Ohio, have already died; many due to poor decisions.  “We are a product of our past decisions.  Innovation requires you to both make a decision and participate,” he said.

“As humans, we create most of our own obstacles,” which includes losing the vibrant imaginations most of us had as youngsters.  “Never break the first law of imagination:  Don’t let what you know become the enemy of what you might learn.  Everything that you heard Andy and Don say here is right, but don’t let lack of imagination get in your way.  The problem is us; so what are we going to do about it?”  To avoid killing innovation dead in its tracks, Mr. Carroll recommended that we:

  • Don’t try to convince people that they are wrong
  • Don’t say it can’t be done
  • Don’t come to null decisions, and
  • Don’t fail to celebrate your mistakes, since every time you fail, you learn something

In summary, Carroll said, “Innovation in large organizations is really hard because it is going to affect everyone, possibly in an uncontrollable manner.”

A lively roundtable discussion followed, with Peter Terwiesch, President, Process Automation Division at ABB; and Blake Moret, Senior VP, Control Products & Solutions at Rockwell Automation contributing their perspectives from the suppliers’ side.

Executive Panel Discussion at ARC industry Forum Orlando 2016

Industry Executive Panel Discussion 

Industry Executive Panel Discussion - Wednesday Morning Session 

More photos from the Forum....    

Keynote Speakers

The following executives will give the Forum's Keynote Presentations.

Michael Carroll
Michael CarrollVice President, Innovation & Operations Excellence

Michael joined Georgia-Pacific in 2010 to focus his technological and entrepreneurial talents on innovation and leadership. Prior to that he and a partner formed McTech Group, a company focused on innovative products for the building products and construction industry. In addition to his Executive Vice President responsibilities, Michael formed a Joint Venture designed to sell consumer “DIY” products to big box retailers like Wal-Mart, Home Depot, and Lowe’s. Previous positions include Director of Operations at Riverwood International, CEO of North and South American Operations at Shepherd, and Principal Change Agent at Mead Paper.

Sandy Vasser
Sandy VasserFacilities I&E Manager
ExxonMobil Development

Sandy has been with Exxon or ExxonMobil for over 35 years and has been involved in a number of Upstream projects covering offshore facilities, onshore facilities, and cogeneration facilities. He currently manages a team of about 120 electrical and I&C professionals responsible for the design, installation, and commissioning of electrical generation and distribution systems, process control systems, and safety instrumented systems for all major ExxonMobil Upstream capital projects. This team is also responsible for developing, promoting and implementing strategies, practices, processes, and tools for successfully executing project automation and electrical activities.

Don Bartusiak
Don BartusiakChief Engineer, Process Control
ExxonMobil Research & Engineering

Don is responsible for setting technology strategy for instrumentation, process analytics, control systems, and applications for ExxonMobil, including interactions with other ExxonMobil companies regarding process control.  He assists line management with career development of about 900 process control staff globally.  He has 25 years of experience in ExxonMobil as an individual contributor (real-time artificial intelligence, regulatory control, real-time optimization, and non-linear model predictive control) and in management positions.  He has authored 4 patents and 9 articles.  Don will discuss ExxonMobil's vision for next-generation of open & secure automation systems (see a portion of the press release below).

SPRING, TX – Jan. 14, 2016 — ExxonMobil Research and Engineering Company (EMRE) has awarded Lockheed Martin a contract to serve as the systems integrator in the early stage development of a next-generation open and secure automation system for process industries. Lockheed Martin will be responsible for the advanced processing architecture working with EMRE in this pre-development phase. As part of this research phase, Lockheed Martin will be conducting an Industry Day on Jan. 26, 2016 and will solicit Requests for Information (RFIs) from industry in support of the new system...

Rob High
Rob HighVice President and Chief Technology Officer, Watson Solutions
IBM Software Group

Rob has overall responsibility to drive Watson Solutions technical strategy and thought leadership. He works collaboratively with the Watson engineering, research, and development teams across IBM. Prior to joining Watson Solutions, Rob was Chief Architect for the SOA Foundation and member of the IBM Academy of Technology. He championed an open industry architectural definition of the principles of business and IT alignment enabled by SOA and business process optimization, as well as ensuring IBM's software and services portfolio is architecturally grounded to enable for efficient SOA-based solutions. Rob has 37 years of programming experience and has worked with distributed, object-oriented, component-based transaction monitors for the last 26 years.

Partial List of Speakers

The following executives are among those who presented at the Forum.  Click on the speaker name to view brief bio and picture. 

Aaron BeazleyTechnical Director, APM Product ManagementBentley Systems
Ali MaamorPrincipal Engineer, Instrumentation and Control EngineeringPETRONAS
Andrew GinterVice President, Industrial SecurityWaterfall Security Solutions
Andrew JohnsonEngineering SupervisorSalt River Project
Andrew KlingDirector, Technology and ProcessSchneider Electric
Andy RobinsonInformation Systems ConsultantAvid Solutions
Barak PerelmanCEOIndegy
Barend SnymanVice President, Product ManagementJoy Global
Bernie CookDirector, Maintenance and DiagnosticsDuke Energy
Bill GillettePresidentLogiLube
Bill Larson Director, Process ImprovementCSX Transportation
Blake MoretSr. Vice President, Control Products & Solutions Rockwell Automation
Brad NeurothPrincipal Automation EngineerBausch+Lomb
Brandon LakeSr. Business Systems Analyst, AvangridIberdrola Renewables
Brandon PerkinsGlobal Product Marketing Leader, Asset Performance ManagementGE Digital
Brian AtkinsonSr. Application Development ConsultantEmerson Process Management
Brian ParsonnetChief Technology OfficerSeeq
Bryce PolandBrilliant Factory Leader, Advanced Manufacturing OrganizationGE Transportation
Carl StjernfeldtSenior Venture PrincipalShell Technology Ventures
Carol EidtAutomation & Process Control Division ManagerExxonMobil Research and Engineering
Carrie SchallerI/T Director, Manufacturing OperationsDow Chemical
Christian BrefkaSr. Manager, Digital Manufacturing SolutionsTE Connectivity
Colin MassonIndustry Solutions Director, ManufacturingMicrosoft Business Solutions
Dan HazenProduct Marketing ManagerMKS Instruments
David DeLaRosaVice President, Industrial IoTTelit
David DrakeCEOAMI
David FunderburgTechnology Manager, Process AutomationABB
David GarrettSr. Process Automation LeaderTrinseo
David GasdiaMaximo Offering Manager, IoT SoftwareIBM Watson Solutions
David LaffertyPresidentScientific Technical Services
David VaskoDirector, Advanced Technology Strategic DevelopmentRockwell Automation
David WidegrenHead, Engineering Processes SupportCERN – European Organization for Nuclear Research
David ZahnChief Marketing OfficerPAS
Dean BartlesChief Manufacturing OfficerUI Labs
Dennis MitchellSr. Vice President, Business DevelopmentThingWorx
Don BartusiakChief Engineer, Process ControlExxonMobil Research & Engineering
Earlene GibbonsSr. Director, Operational TechnologyUnited Therapeutics
Ed Kovler Lead Business Solutions ArchitectPJM Interconnection
Eddie HabibiFounder & CEOPAS
Edwin Van DijkGlobal Marketing Director BlueCielo ECM Solutions
Emilio ParamoHead, Systems and TelecommunicationsDAK Americas
Enrique HerreraMarket Principal OSIsoft
Eric FeldmeyerGlobal OT Cyber Security LeaderDuPont
Erin DelormeECM Analyst/Project ManagerConocoPhillips
Francis GouillartPresidentExperience Co-Creation Partnership
Fred YentzCEOTelit IoT Platforms
Gary McDanelManager, Information Management GroupU.S. Bureau of Reclamation
Glen MutscherGlobal Director, Manufacturing & Engineering  Dow Chemical 
Greg LaFramboiseWireless Technology Lead (Retired)Chevron
Greg LivelliGlobal Product Group Manager, Flow MeasurementABB
Gunther KegelCEOPepperl+Fuchs
Hans De LeenheerVice President of MarketingTrendMiner
Hugh RoddyVice President, Global Engineering & Project ManagementChobani
Jan TheissenDirector, Strategy & Methods, Global Purchasing, and Materials ManagementAGCO
Jean-Philippe ProvencherVice President, Manufacturing Strategy and Solutions PTC
Jeff FleemanDirector, Advanced Transmission Studies & TechnologiesAmerican Electric Power
Jeff GrayProgram Lead, Industrial Control Systems Joint Working GroupU.S. Department of Homeland Security
Jeff MelrosePrincipal Technology Strategist for CybersecurityISA Security Compliance Institute
Jeffrey SmithPresident & CEOLogixWISE
Jeffrey TazelaarGlobal Visibillity Leader, Supply Chain Center of ExcellenceDow Chemical
Jeremy ColemanControl Room SupervisorNW Natural
Jesus Flores-CerrilloAssociate R&D DirectorPraxair
Jim WetzelDirector, Global ReliabilityGeneral Mills
Jimmy AsherDirector, Product StrategySavigent Software
John CusimanoDirector, Industrial CybersecurityaeSolutions
John DyerDirector, Workforce and Economic DevelopmentAmerican Association of Community Colleges
John GraciaSystem Consultant, Lifecycle ServicesYokogawa
John TraynorChief Operating OfficerC-Labs
Jon PetersonSr. Vice President, Products and CustomersSeeq
Joseph McMullenDirector of Product MarketingSchneider Electric
Julian AtchiaR&D DirectorSJE Rhombus
Karl SchneebauerPartner ManagerMPDV USA
Keith DicharryProcess Control, Automation, & Electrical DirectorBASF
Keith HollidayPresidentGlobal Drilling Support
Kevin KelleyProcess Control ForemanSolvay Chemicals
Kevin PriceProduct DirectorInfor
Kevin StarrDirector, Advanced ServicesABB
Lee HutsonPlant Quality DirectorBaxter Healthcare
Leon UrbasHead, Process Systems Engineering GroupTechnische Universität Dresden
Lior FrenkelCEO and Co-founderWaterfall Security Solutions
Lungile BinzaChief Information OfficerSouth African Mint
Mark DavisonVice President & CIODelek US Holdings (Refining)
Mark PyattSr. Director, Global Oil & GasSAP
Maryanne SteidingerDirector, Product Marketing, Operations, Asset Management, and InformationSchneider Electric
Matt OrcuttDirector, Customer ExperienceIngersoll Rand
Matthew WellsGeneral Manager, Automation SoftwareGE Digital
Maulik PatelGlobal Implementation DirectorDow Chemical
Maura AbadGlobal
Maurice WilkinsVice President, Strategic Technology Marketing CenterYokogawa
Michael CallananCEOMosaic Learning
Michael CarrollVice President, Innovation & Operations ExcellenceGeorgia-Pacific
Michael DudzicGeneral Manager, Process AutomationArcelorMittal Dofasco
Michael HackneyVice President of ProductsRailComm
Michael KraussSenior Automation ManagerBASF
Michael MarloweManaging DirectorAutomation Federation
Michael McEneryPresidentMcEnery Automation
Michael MurrayGeneral Manager, Industrial Sensing GroupAnalog Devices
Michael RichmondExecutive DirectorOpen Interconnect Consortium
Michiel TijsselingProcess Automation Leader, Gulfstream ProgramDow Chemical
Mike BrooksPresident & COOMtell
Mike MatlockSr. Vice President, Customer SustainabilityMeridium
Mitchell SepaughProject Manager, Industrial Systems National Consortium for Mission Critical Operations
Nate KubeChief Technology Officer and FounderWurldtech
Nikunj MehtaFounder and CEOFalkonry
Paolo AndreussiProfessor of Chemical EngineeringUniversity of Pisa
Patrik BooGlobal Product Manager, Process AutomationABB
Paul BorisCIO, Advanced Manufacturing StrategyGE Corporate
Paul CamutiSr. Vice President of Innovation and Chief Technology OfficerIngersoll Rand
Penny ChenSr. Principal Technology StrategistYokogawa
Per LundmarkSenior Expert, Operator EffectivenessCGM
Peter BentleyGlobal Channel Development, IoT Strategy & Emerging MarketsOSIsoft
Peter TerwieschPresident, Process AutomationABB
Raghu NarayanHead, Engineering and Technology DivisionAramco Services
Rahul ChillarSenior Product Manager GE Digital
Rahul GargGlobal Senior Director, Industrial Machinery and Heavy EquipmentSiemens PLM Software
Rick DolezalVice President, Lifecycle ServicesABB
Rick TissierControls and Electrical Engineering LeaderJost Chemical
Rob BurnettIT LeaderGE Transportation
Rob HighVice President and Chief Technology OfficerIBM Watson Solutions
Rob McGreevyVice President, Operations, Information, and Asset ManagementSchneider Electric Software
Rob MillerDirector and General Manager, Global SolutionsFlowserve
Rob O'ReillySenior Member Technical StaffAnalog Devices
Rocky RowlandProduction ManagerMazak
Ron CiscoO&M SupervisorSalt River Project
Ron ZielinskiVice President, Global Customer ServiceCoherent
Ronald NijssenSr. Consultant Process AutomationSiemens
Samara MooreSenior Manager, CIP Security & ComplianceExelon
Sandy VasserFacilities I&E ManagerExxonMobil Development
Sanjay KarveHead, Innovation and Transformation GroupTata Consultancy Services
Sara BermudezProcess Control Engineer, Engineering SolutionsDow Chemical
Scott JohnsonCEODevicify
Scott MourierGlobal Process Automation SIS LeaderDow Chemical
Seth MurthuramanCondition Monitoring EngineerSSE
Sharla DeFrainProcess Automation Project ManagerDow Corning
Sharul RashidPrincipal Engineer, Instrumentation and Control Maintenance DepartmentPETRONAS
Shawn AndersonSr.  Research Specialist, Advanced TechnologyFisher Flow Controls
Shmulik AranCEONextNine
Siri VaradanDirector, Product Management ABB Enterprise Software
Stephen HuffmanChairman, Government Relations CommitteeAutomation Federation
Stephen SladeDirectorOracle
Steve BitarR&D Program ManagerExxonMobil Research and Engineering
Steve MustardPresident and CEONational Automation
Steve PavloskySr. Product ManagerGE Automation & Controls
Steve SchneebeliDirector of Engineering/ITMalisko Engineering
Stuart MadnickProfessor of Information Technologies and Professor of Engineering Systems  Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Subhash SakorikarDirector and Global Head, Customer Experience Management Tata Consultancy Services
Taylor DepewEngineering SpecialistOwens Corning
Terrence O'HanlonPublisherUptime Magazine
Thomas BurkePresident & Executive DirectorOPC Foundation
Thomas EdgarProfessor of Chemical EngineeringUniversity of Texas
Thomas HedbergMechanical Engineer, Systems Integration DivisionNational Institute of Standards and Technology
Thomas MayerChief Operating OfficerRenault Sport Formula 1 Team
Tom MoroneyVice President, Wells and Facilities TechnologiesShell Projects & Technology
Travis CoxCo-Director, Sales EngineeringInductive Automation
Tyler WilliamsManager, PCD IT Security Shell Global Solutions
Uday DeshpandeSr. Director, Global Electrical Systems Engineering Ingersoll Rand
Usman ShujaVice President, Market DevelopmentSparkCognition
Warren KurisuDirector of Product Management, Embedded Systems DivisionMentor Graphics
Welton DavisInformation Technology LeadJohnson & Johnson
Wil ChinVice President, Marketing and Business DevelopmentUnited Electric Controls
Yousef Abdel-MotyDirector, Locomotive EngineeringCSX

Agenda by Industry

Following is the schedule for the Forum by industry focus.  

Process includes Chemical, Mining, Metals, Cement, Glass, Paper, and Water & Waste.

Sunday, February 7 - Super Bowl Reception, 6-10 PM, The Upper Deck

Monday, February 8 - Forum Opening Day Workshop Sessions

9 AM - 12 PM   Oil & Gas Process Power CPG/Food Life Sciences Auto/Aero
Cybersecurity Workshop I:  The Use of Competency Models in Defining Cybersecurity Skills - The Automation Federation


12:30 - 1:30 PM
Unidirectional Communications - Technology, Use Cases, and Proven Benefits    
2 PM
Cybersecurity Workshop II:  DHS Update    
Developing the Future Workforce Leaders in an Evolving Manufacturing World
Realizing IIoT-Enabled Machines  
4 PM
Cybersecurity Workshop III:  Cybersecurity and the Plant Engineer
Plant Asset Management Maturity Assessment
Demonstrating Smart Manufacturing Results in Process and Hybrid Industries
12-6 PM:  Supplier Press Conferences
6-9 PM:  ARC Welcome Reception

Tuesday, February 9

7 - 8:30 AM:  Networking Breakfast
8:30 – 10 AM:  Keynote Presentations
10:30 AM – 12 PM:  Executive Panel
12 - 2 PM:  Lunch
1:15-1:45 PM:  ABB Workshop: Survey Results - What Keeps Plant Managers, Manufacturing Engineers, and Operators Up at Night
2 - 3:30 PM  Oil & Gas Process Power CPG/Food Life Sciences Auto/Aero
How Much Is Your Aging Control System Costing You, and How Much Life Does It Have Left?       
Industrial Cybersecurity Management - Part 1          
Dare to Disrupt      
Smart Connected Machines
The Golden Age of Machine Learning    
4 - 5:30 PM
Ethernet and IP for Process Field Devices      
Industrial Cybersecurity Management - Part 2      
Moving to Predictive Maintenance with Industrial Internet of Things    
Industrial Internet of Things Machinery Ecosystems that Leverage the Digital Thread    
Analytics in the Age of the Industrial Internet of Things
6 PM:  Evening Reception

Wednesday, February 10

7 - 8:30 AM:  Networking Breakfast
7 - 8:30 AM:  GE Breakfast (invitation only)
8:30 – 10 AM:  Keynote and Executive Panel
10:30 AM - 12 PM  Oil & Gas Process Power CPG/Food Life Sciences Auto/Aero
Managing Major Automation Projects to Drive Business Value
Enterprise Manufacturing Operational Intelligence:  The Future Is Now  
The Intersection of Enterprise Asset Management and Industrial Internet of Things
Next Gen Operator and Immersive Training Simulators for All Workers  
Operators of the Future:  Changing Roles and New Approaches    
12 – 2 PM: Lunch
​12 - 2 PM:  Wurldtech, A GE Company, Lunch (invitation only)
2 - 3:30 PM  Oil & Gas Process Power CPG/Food Life Sciences Auto/Aero
IT/OT - The Organizational Design Dilemma    
IT/OT Convergence:  Linking Legacy to an Industrial Internet of Things World  
Minimizing Safety Risks with Asset Performance Management      
Enterprise Manufacturing Operational Intelligence:  Analyzing and Visualizing Data    
Designing the Smart Connected Product  
4 - 5:30 PM
Modularization:  Driving the Future of Process Automation    
IT/OT Convergence:  Safely Linking Legacy with OPC and OIC to an Industrial Internet of Things World
Service Performance Management by OEMs with Industrial Internet of Things  ​
Leveraging Smart Field Systems to Create Value in Process Industries
​​Building the Smart Connected Factory of the Future
            6:30 - 9:30 PM:  Dinner Reception at SeaWorld Antartica, Sponsored by ABB

Thursday, February 11

7 - 8:30 AM:  Networking Breakfast
8:30 - 10 AM  Oil & Gas Process Power CPG/Food Life Sciences Auto/Aero
Maximizing Benefits through Control and Information Convergence - Part 1
Building a Supply Chain Control Tower for Industrial Internet of Things Visibility
Industrial Internet of Things Enriches Remote Monitoring
10:30 AM - 12 PM
Maximizing Benefits through Control and Information Convergence - Part 2
Industrial Process Analytics:  Predicting Events Impacting Your Process      
12 PM:  Forum Ends with Boxed Lunches


Innovations Showcase

New industry solutions are on display at the Innovations Showcase.  The Showcase provides an excellent opportunity for executives to assess the potential for emerging applications in production management, interoperability, virtual manufacturing, process improvement, asset management, operations management, supply chain synchronization, and more.  Exhibits have application scenarios for attendees to see how emerging technologies are applied to help solve issues across all industries.

The Showcase is open during the Monday Evening Reception and during breakfasts, breaks, and lunches.  It is held adjacent to the forum where refreshments are served.

ARC Industry Forum 2015 Orlando 




The Forum is held at the Renaissance Orlando Hotel in Orlando, Florida.

Renaissance Orlando at SeaWorld
6677 Sea Harbor Drive
Orlando, Florida  32821   

Orlando Visiting Information
Please contact Orlando's Visitor Information Center at 407-363-5874,, for information regarding current events in Orlando.  For discounted attractions in Orlando, please visit Orlando Convention Aid website.  Their on-line travel guide offers discounts to restaurants, golf, attractions, nightlife, shopping, and more, including making dinner reservations for you.


Previous Attendees

The following companies have attended recent ARC forums:

Aera Energy
Agilent Technologies
Air Liquide
Air Products & Chemicals
Akzo Nobel
Alliance Coal
Alliance Pipeline
AMEC Natural Resources
American Axle & Manufacturing
Anglo American
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Arch Coal
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B&R Industrial Automation
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BHP Billiton
Boise Cascade
Bosch Rexroth
Bristol Myers Squibb
British American Tobacco
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Cardinal Ethanol
Cambell Soup
Celanese Chemicals
Cenovus Energy
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CH Robinson Worldwide
China Yangzte Power
Church & Dwight
Cisco Systems
City of Des Moines
City of Lakeland
City of Orlando
Clean Coal Solutions
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Compressor Controls
Conagra Foods
Connacher Oil and Gas
Consumers Energy
Continental Mills
Cooper Industries
Country Maid
Dakota Gasification
Danfoss Drives
Dassault Systèmes
DC Water and Sewer Authority
Del Monte Foods
Descartes Systems Group
Digital Bond
DMS Global
Dolphin Energy
Dominion Virginia Power
Dow Chemical
Dow Kokam
DTE Energy
Duke Energy
Dust Networks
Electro-Matic Products
Elkay Manufacturing
Elipse Software
Emerson Process Management
EQUATE Petrochemical
Ergon Refining
Evonik Degussa
Exelon Energy
FDT Group
Federal Bureau of Investigation
Fieldbus Foundation
Fieldcomm Group
Flint Hills Resources
Ford Motor
Fractionation Research
Freeport McMoran
Gallus Pharmaceuticals
GE Aviation
GE Intelligent Platforms
GE Energy
General Dynamics
General Mills
General Motors
Georgia Institute of Technology
Goodrich Petroleum
Goodyear Tire & Rubber
Goss International
Gray Matter Systems
Greater Cincinnati Water Works
HART Communication Foundation
HCL Technologies
Heineken Supply Chain
HIMA Americas
Hirschmann Automation & Contro
Honeywell Process Solutions
Husky Energy
Idaho National Laboratory
ILS Technology
Independen Belgian Refinery
Inductive Automation
Industrial Defender
Industrial Evolution
Innominate Security Technologies
INOVx Solutions
Integration Objects
International Paper
Iscar Metals
Japan Petroleum Energy Center
JDA Software
JHP Pharmaceuticals
JMA Wireless
John Deere
Johnson & Johnson
Joy Mining Machinery
Kepware Technologies
Keystone Foods
Kongsberg Oil & Gas Technologies
Kraft Foods
L&T Infotech
Lakeland Companies
Lakeland Electric
Larsen & Toubro Infotech
LifeCare Services
Lockheed Martin
Lopez Foods
Loram Maintenance of Way
M+W Automation
M.G. Bryan Equipment
Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals
Manufacturing Connection
Marathon Electric
Mark Andy
Massachusetts Inst. of Technology
Maverick Technologies
Mead O'Brien
Mentor Graphics
Met-Mex Penoles
Mettler Toledo
MGM Resorts International
Minnesota Power
Mitsubishi Electric
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries
Mitutoyo America 
Mohawk Fine Papers
Momentive Specialty Chemicals
Monster Cable
Morgan Stanley
Mori Seiki
Motiva Enterprises
Mynah Technologies
Nalco Champiion
National Instruments
Nimbus Services
North West Redwater Partnership
Northwest Analytics
NOVA Chemicals
NRG Energy
Nuclear Regulatory Commission
Nucor Steel
Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Ocean Data Systems
Okuma America
Oniqua MRO Analytics
OPC Foundation
Opto 22
Orlando Utilities Commission
Owens Corning
Pacific Gas & Electric
Pacific Northwest National Lab
Palmer Foundry
Paper Converting Machine
Parker Hannifin
Patti Engineering
PCN Technology
Petro Rabigh
Pharmaceutical Manufacturing
Phoenix Contact
Pitney Bowes
POSC Caesar
Pro Mach
Procter & Gamble
Profibus & Profinet International
Prosoft Technology
Public Service Co. of New Mexico
Pyramid Solutions
Quiet Logistics
Rackspace Hosting
Red Arrow Logistics
Red Lion
Reliance Industries
Rich Products
Robotic Parking Systems
Rocha Controls
Rockwell Automation
Ryder System
Safety Dynamics
Saffron Technology
Sandia National Laboratories
Sandvik Coromant
Sans Institute
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