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Presenting ARC's Fifteenth Annual Orlando Forum

ARC World Industry Forum:  Driving Innovation, Sustainability and Performance


February 7-10, 2011 - Orlando, Florida

Anti-Counterfeiting and Brand Protection Solutions

Counterfeiting is a challenge for practically every industry today because of our global economy, the Internet, and a global supply chain.  Estimates for the value of counterfeit products that make their way into the global marketplace each year is over $600 billion in 2010.  These illegitimate products are highly prevalent in electronics, medical devices, pharmaceuticals, auto parts, aviation parts, high end retail, and other industries.  Some of these products pose great risks to the consumers and manufacturers and could even result in death. 


Track and trace and serialization are generally part of anti-counterfeiting solutions. Packaging and converting machinery and their integration with production and business systems play an important part in ensuring product safety, helping to reduce counterfeiting, and improving supply chain efficiency.  Manufacturers deploy specialized packaging, applications, and other technologies to protect brands, protect consumers, reduce risks, and allow rapid and effective response to counterfeit products and product recalls. 


Machine design, product packaging technology, and line performance have been improving dramatically in recent years.  Staying abreast of technology is becoming increasingly difficult and further complicated by the globalization of industry and competition. 


This program is full of information, technology, and most importantly, experiences to help you deploy your own anti-counterfeiting, packaging and operational excellence strategies.  You will be able to hear from other executives as well as discuss their views and compare them to your own on questions such as the following:


  • What are the business risks associated with counterfeit products? How widespread is it? Who is doing it?


  • What are companies doing to prevent counterfeiting? 


  • Who are some of the leading anti-counterfeiting technology solution providers?


  • What are some of the “state of the art” technologies available today? Tomorrow?


  • What are companies doing to improve product tracking and tracing?


  • What is driving new track and trace technology? Government regulations, brand protection or reducing product recall risks?  How big a role is product serialization playing?


  • How do I find and evaluate new technology that will support innovation and speed time-to-market?


  • How do I reduce my manufacturing cycle time? 


  • Who are the leading suppliers of OEE software solutions using? What does it take to develop a successful OEE program?


  • How do I come up with new ideas or equipment that allow multi-tasking and that can reduce change over time?
  • What are some of the best practices and standards being used for machine and machine automation design?


Who Should Attend

This program is a must-attend event for:

  • Operations, engineering, IT, purchasing, supply chain, brand, and automation managers and executives in the consumer goods, life sciences, discrete, and other industries who are involved in or responsible for protecting their product from counterfeiting, improving product tracking and tracing, or involved in packaging or converting machinery and operations.


  • Technology and service suppliers involved in the CPG, life sciences, and other consumer facing industries.


  • OEMs and machine builders seeking innovative new ways to improve their businesses and find out what leading packagers are asking of their suppliers


  • Third-party companies that provide services to the consumer products and life sciences industries


Executive Speakers

The following executives are among those that will present in this forum program. Click on the speaker name to view a brief bio.

Global Technical Director, Security Systems Division3M
Head of Strategic InitiativesABB
President, Power Products Division North AmericaABB
Exec. Vice President of Worldwide Marketing, Product Management and StrategyApriso
Group Operations DirectorAVEVA
Market Development ManagerB&R Automation
Sr. Vice President & Chief Information OfficerBechtel Group
Vice President, Operations Product ManagementBentley Systems
Associate Technical FellowBoeing
Operations IT ManagerBritish American Tobacco
Special Agent, Homeland Security InvestigationsDepartment of Homeland Security
Global Leader, RFID-GPS-AutoID Expertise CenterDow Chemical
Vice President, Advanced MaterialsDow Chemical
Manager of Research Services, Manufacturing Research CenterGeorgia Institute of Technology
Exec. Vice President, Global Business Development Intergraph
Vice President, Global Brand Protection & Supply Chain IntegrityJohnson & Johnson
Brand Protection ManagerMonster Cable Products
Product Strategy Director, Manufacturing Operations CenterOracle
Founder and CEOOSIsoft
Vice President, Industry ServicesPackaging Machinery Manufacturers Institute (PMMI)
Section Head, Corporate EngineeringProcter & Gamble
Sr. Vice President, Manufacturing & Consumer Industries SAP
Executive Vice President & Global Head of Industry BusinessSchneider Electric
Sr. MES Project ManagerStone Technologies
PresidentThe Haymarket Group
Director of EngineeringZarpac


Agenda details for this program are shown below.  Times and sessions are subject to change.

Anti-Counterfeiting Workshop
In this workshop, ARC, key technology providers and users will discuss the the extent of counterfeit product in the market place, how and where counterfeting is occurring, and technology provider solutions and strategies that are being deployed to counter this menace. 
Anti-Counterfeiting Workshop Contd.
General Session #1

Several senior executives from major corporations will share their experiences with the attendees.

General Session #2
Top industry leaders will discuss key challenges facing our industry including topics such as: process safety, energy optimization, sustainability, and operational excellence.
Anti-Counterfeiting and Brand Protection Solutions

Today, almost any brand or product can be counterfeited or compromised.  This session will discuss covert and overt anti-counterfeiting technologies and approaches used to counter this growing menace.  Presentations will include information on the latest technologies and experiences with anti-counterfeiting and brand protection methodologies including inks, hand held spectral analysis, taggants and coatings, microtext, smart phones, RFID, advanced optics and holograms, etc.  Those attending will learn best practices, methodologies, and strategies for anti-counterfeiting and brand protection, including covert, overt, physical, digital, and other technologies. 

Anti-Counterfeiting and Track and Trace Solutions
The US government estimates that between 5 – 7% of branded products are counterfeited.  Counterfeit products are everywhere today and can include everything from golf balls, cigarettes, watches, clothing, food, medicines, household goods, toys, fertilizers, etc.  Many counterfeit products are unsafe and are a real and growing threat to consumers.  The session highlights some of the track and trace technologies, best practices and strategies that help prevent counterfeit products from entering the supply chain. The session will cover the track and trace technologies and best practices that manufacturers and brand managers might want to consider before purchasing Anti-Counterfeiting and Brand Protection (ABP) technologies or solutions.  Track and trace, serialization and ePedigree (for pharma) solutions that are being deployed for ABP will be the primary focus of this session.
General Session #3
Senior industry leaders will discuss new Asset Information Management (AIM) Strategies for Balancing Risk, Sustainability and Performance throughout a Plant's Lifecycle
OMAC Session 1

OMAC, The Organization for Machine Automation and Control, sponsors an annual session on best practices, technology, and standards development in manufacturing machinery (converting, CNC, packaging, etc.) and line operations (packaging operations management, OEE, etc.).  Here you will hear from experts with real life experiences.

OMAC Session 2
OMAC, The Organization for Machine Automation and Control, sponsors an annual session on best practices, technology and standards development in manufacturing machinery (converting, CNC, packaging, etc.) and line operations (Packaging Operations Management, OEE, etc.).  Here you will hear from experts with real life experiences.
Modular Procedural Automation
Procedures govern the world of process automation.  While we like to refer to the process industries as being largely “continuous,” this could not be further from the truth.  Process manufacturing is constantly in flux.  Whether you are doing a startup, shutdown, grade change, or are in the middle of a maintenance turnaround, your plant is governed by procedures and transitional states that can either run smoothly and provide superior plant performance and a safe and orderly start-up/shutdown, or they can result in  costly unplanned shutdowns, incidents, lost product, and lost opportunities.  The ISA 106 standard promises to address many of the requirements of the process industries regarding procedural automation.  We will talk about ISA 106 and the overall need for procedural automation in the process industries. 
Industry Standards Update
Several executives will provide an update on the latest industry standards.
Janice Abel on Anti-Counterfeiting