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Presenting ARC's Fifteenth Annual Orlando Forum

ARC World Industry Forum:  Driving Innovation, Sustainability and Performance


February 7-10, 2011 - Orlando, Florida

Asset Performance Management 2.0:  Optimizing Operations and Maintenance

ARC's Asset Performance Management ModelGlobal warming, energy shortage, and high profile accidents are spawning new challenges for asset managers.  New strategies have to be developed to address these and other challenges that go beyond reducing cost and improving productivity.  Operational Excellence must be accomplished within a tight envelope of expanding constraints, including environmental, health, safety (EH&S), and sustainability requirements. 

Asset Performance Management (APM) initiatives provide a strategy to satisfy all of these constraints.  Deploying APM solutions with the right mix of technologies and processes is only the first step.  Sharing this information with operations, maintenance, and management improves organizational decision making and the use of appropriate KPIs enables managers to identify major cost contributors that require immediate action.  With this information organizations can also maximize use of facilities within appropriate constraint targets.  This ARC ALM Forum program and the associated Project & Portfolio Management 2.0 program identify solutions for effective ALM strategies and complements this with owner/operator case studies of various implementations.


Who Should Attend

This program is a must-attend event for:

  • VPs and Directors of IT
  • VPs, Directors, and Managers of Reliability
  • VPs, Directors, and Managers of Maintenance
  • VPs, Directors, and Managers of Operations
  • VPs, Directors, and Managers of Engineering
  • VPs, Directors, and Managers of New Projects
  • Plant Managers and Supervisors
  • Production Managers and Supervisors



Executive Speakers

The following executives are among those that will present in this forum program. Click on the speaker name to view a brief bio.

Head of Strategic InitiativesABB
President, Power Products Division North AmericaABB
Corporate Reliability Program ManagerArcelorMittal
Director of MaintenanceArcelorMittal USA
Vice President & Chief Information OfficerArch Coal
Group Operations DirectorAVEVA
Vice President, Automation & Electrical EngineeringBASF
Manager of EPC SystemsBechtel
Sr. Vice President & Chief Information OfficerBechtel Group
Vice President, Operations Product ManagementBentley Systems
Vice President, Electrical, Piping, and Plant ProductsBentley Systems
Vice President, Advanced MaterialsDow Chemical
Maintenance Technology Center DirectorDow Chemical
Director, Engineering Solutions Technology CenterDow Chemical
Deputy DirectorFIATECH
Vice Chairman of the BoardFIATECH
Project ManagerFIATECH
Maximo Product ManagerIBM Tivoli
Global Product Director, Project Based SolutionsIFS
Director of Solution ManagementInfor
Exec. Vice President, Global Business Development Intergraph
IT Manager for Prattville MillInternational Paper
Vice President, Services & The Aladon NetworkIvara
Assistant Manager of IT Department, Engineering DivisionJGC
Sr. IT Engineer, Engineering Technology CenterJGC Corporation
President & CEOMeridium
Vice President Product StrategyMeridium
Sr. Vice President, Business SolutionsMincom
Director, Product & Industry MarketingMincom
Vice President, Global Channels & AlliancesMincom
Manager, Enterprise Process ReengineeringMohawk Fine Papers
IT Program ManagerNorthrop Grumman Shipbuilding
IT LeaderNOVA Chemicals
Vice President Marketing and Product StrategyNRX Global
Senior Director, Applications MarketingOracle
Sr. Business Analyst – EAMOrlando Utilities Commission
Founder and CEOOSIsoft
Sr. Vice President, Manufacturing & Consumer Industries SAP
Executive Vice President & Global Head of Industry BusinessSchneider Electric
CEO (2001 to 2010)Silcar
Business Development ManagerSKF Reliability Systems
CIO, Offshore & Specialized Vessels Business AreaSTX OSV
Process Specialist, Automation and SimulationSuncor Energy
PresidentThe Haymarket Group
Ohio Eminent Scholar and L.W. Scott Alter Chair ProfessorUniversity of Cincinnati
Director of Information TechnologyWestern Refining
Vice President, Integrated SystemsWorleyParsons


Agenda details for this program are shown below.  Times and sessions are subject to change.

FIATECH Workshop
The development and adoption of innovative and emerging technologies is having a significant impact on capital asset delivery programs.  Improvements in quality, time, costs, as well as process safety aspects are being achieved by means of market ready solutions for both the infrastructure and plant design and build markets.  FIATECH will host this half-day event and present the work that their consortium is doing to identify and accelerate the development, demonstration and deployment of fully integrated and automated technologies to deliver the highest business value throughout the life cycle of all types of capital projects. Areas that will be covered include the Capital Projects Technology Roadmap, field demonstration projects using RFID and sensors in materials management and tool tracking, e-permitting and e-plan review, creating a technology-enabled workforce and knowledge management systems, using technologies to automate construction sites, integrating procurement and materials management, advancing interoperable data exchange between software systems and reviewing performance metrics and strategic direction for the industry.
FIATECH will host this workshop.
FIATECH Workshop, continued
The development and adoption of innovative emerging technologies is having a significant impact on capital asset delivery programs.  Improvements in quality, time, costs, as well as process safety aspects are being achieved by means of market ready solutions for both the infrastructure and plant design and build markets.  
In both Greenfield and Brownfield projects, EPCs and Owner/Operator firms are achieving significant benefits by early migration and planned adoption of these technologies.  Included are a wide range of topics such as building information modeling (BIM), the use of “5D” for site planning and construction management and control, the empowerment to field project staff by iPad generation tools and mobile solutions, the growth of the on-line project management domain, and the use of new visualization techniques such as augmented reality and the future of stereoscopic 3D.
FIATECH will host this workshop.
General Session #1

Several senior executives from major corporations will share their experiences with the attendees.

General Session #2
Top industry leaders will discuss key challenges facing our industry including topics such as: process safety, energy optimization, sustainability, and operational excellence.
Energy Management Strategies for Operational Excellence
Energy Management has become an increasingly important part of industries pursuit of operational excellence.  Not only is energy expensive, but the excessive use of energy has consequences beyond the bottom line.  This session will include a discussion of latest developments and industry experiences in Energy Management and Optimization. 
Enterprise Mobility Strategies and Solutions
"The smartphone is the new computer" may be a bit of an exaggeration, but there is no doubt that mobility solutions are beginning to make a big impact in businesses of all kinds.  The trend is away from dedicated mobile devices, or company-issued handsets to employee-owned devices powered by Apple, Google, Microsoft, RIM, or others.  Join this session to learn how utilities and manufacturers are deploying the new technologies, what solution capabilities exist, trends, and future plans. 
Remote Operations Management

Secure remote access to automation systems and applications is now a necessity.  An increasing number of process operations are also located in remote and hostile environments, such as the ocean floor or the remote desert.  A remote maintenance and performance management solution can increase return on assets and considerably reduce maintenance costs. Suppliers are also offering a wider range of virtual training programs that provide a hands on experience for remote users with shrinking travel budgets.  We will see some success stories related to remote operations management followed by a brief panel discussion. 

Mobility for Improved Asset Performance
Mobility provides the opportunity to improve business processes and the speed of execution for operations, maintenance, and management.  Mobility for Asset Performance provides maintenance with accurate data collection, higher compliance among the  technicians, business process consistency, real-time visibility for decision support, higher labor utilization, and much more.  More accurate, accessible and faster - a nice combination.  This session will explore emerging technologies and applications for mobility in industrial applications.  The technologies range among rugged handheld devices, smart phones, mesh networks, RFID, location tracking, mobility software, and much more.  End-users will gain insight into improving their operational performance with mobility.
Roundtable Discussion: Is Interoperability Still a Significant Problem in Capital Project Delivery?
NIST made a study in 2003 which documented the staggering impact that poor information interoperability has on the cost of capital investments.  This spawned considerable investment in information standardization by many of the key project IT solution providers.    There have also been significant advancements in collaboration and information sharing technology since this study was conducted.  So, how has this changed the situation from what NIST saw in 2002?  What is today’s norm and what more needs to be done?  
In this session, ARC analysts will present results of research around this issue and this will be followed by a facilitated panel discussion with industry experts.  This will be a valuable learning experience for anyone involved in Project or Asset Performance Management, whether they are an owner/operator, EPC, supplier of equipment or services or an IT solution provider.
General Session #3
Senior industry leaders will discuss new Asset Information Management (AIM) Strategies for Balancing Risk, Sustainability and Performance throughout a Plant's Lifecycle
What Does a Good AIM Strategy Look Like?
Asset information is a quintessential part of every capital asset investment.  Organizations need it to manage the use and care of complex physical assets and it must be complete and accessible by Handover to achieve true operational readiness.  Yet, few organizations have a proper Asset Information Management (AIM) strategy in place for this valuable resource.  The cost of this to organizations is staggering, both in financial terms (1.5 percent of revenues each year) and increased risk of major incidents.
AIM is broad and spans issues like effective information handover, change management, and enabling effective access and collaboration.  Attendees of this session will get an update on ARC’s research into all of these issues and what we see as the best practices and solutions.  This will be a valuable learning experience for anyone involved in project or asset performance management, whether they are an owner/operator, EPC, supplier of equipment or services, or an IT solution provider.
What Makes a Safety Culture: People, Processes, and Technology

Safety in all its aspects is in the forefront of industrial thinking, as it should be.  So much is at stake.  By addressing safety in a holistic manner, many companies have positively impacted their bottom line.  This session will examine the topic of safety from several aspects.  One of these is the "culture" to support safety.  Another is "technology" to provide safe operation.  Another is "safety by design" in the pursuit of building the facility with safe operation as a primary goal. 

Strategies for Asset Performance Management
Effective Asset Performance Management (APM) does not just happen.  It requires a comprehensive strategy that includes optimizing asset value, an operating philosophy, maintenance strategies, risk assessment, and advanced measurement and monitoring technologies.   Issues such as strategy development, design, integration, technology, risk, reliability, and predictive maintenance will be discussed.
Achieving World Class Reliability

Plant performance is directly linked to how it is operated and the reliability of its assets.  Reliability is not just a maintenance issue as this session will explore.  Asset performance is a comprehensive strategy that combines operating philosophy, maintenance strategies, and state-of-the-art technologies to achieve operational excellence.  This session will highlight successful reliability strategies based on the experiences of world class organizations.


Workforce Development

The Automation Federation is pleased to present a session at the 2011 ARC Forum that will discuss the AF Workforce Development Initiative and the focus of this Initiative on the Automation Competency Model developed by the Automation Federation and The US Department of Labor in 2009.  The session will feature Dean Ford, Steve Pflantz, and Jerry Gipson, who will discuss the Automation Competency Model, how it has been a catalyst to focus attention on the importance of the automation profession, and what it means for the future of manufacturing.

Strategies to Achieve Smart Asset Performance
Smart solutions enable the workforce to manage critical issues and/or improve the performance of assets in the context of asset utilization and availability.  This session will focus on smart software solutions designed to link disparate production and/or asset data in a manner that facilitates analysis of information into a smart  contextual format.  Asset performance centric portals for operations and maintenance organizations provides insight into the following non-exclusive list of performance metrics:   asset risks and reliability, asset safety, asset lifecycle, inventory efficiency, scheduling effectiveness, ROA, workforce safety, product safety, utilization rate, and availability rate.
Industry Standards Update
Several executives will provide an update on the latest industry standards.
Ralph Rio on Better Asset Management
Paula Hollywood on Reliability