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Presenting the Seventeenth Annual ARC World Industry Forum

Achieving Breakthrough Performance with New Processes and Technologies

February 11-14, 2013 - Orlando, Florida

Energy Optimization Solutions

Improving energy efficiency to reduce both energy costs and greenhouse gas emissions is a challenge throughout the lifecycle of production assets.  Energy may be consumed as a direct result of production requirements; burning fuel or consuming steam to heat the process, running motors to move material, or compressing gases (air, CO2, process gases, etc.).  It might also be consumed for non-production uses such as plant or office lighting and HVAC.  Regardless of what the energy is used for, it is in everyone’s best interest to consume it in an efficient, optimal manner.

W.A.G.E.S. - Energy SourcesEnergy-efficient plant design requires accurate evaluation of process energy integration when alternative designs are being considered.  Plant operation must include a capability to monitor all types of energy use and assign energy consumption and costs to actual products, rather than treat them as an overhead expense.  This requires not just granular energy data, but also a mature energy analytics capability.  Changes in plant production or operation will also impact energy consumption, and must be evaluated and understood in advance in this context.

Energy-intensive industries such as refining, petrochemicals, pulp & paper, and mining & minerals have traditionally been concerned about energy consumption and have implemented practices, technologies, and strategies to minimize consumption.  Newer automation and information technologies are bringing more energy information and analytics to production systems and equipment in batch and discrete industries such as food, beverages, pharmaceuticals, metals, and automotive.

This program includes several sessions that discuss leading energy management practices and solutions for the plant lifecycle, based on the latest developments in plant design, operation, and maintenance.


Who Should Attend

This forum program is a must-attend event for:


  • CEOs, COOs, and Presidents
  • CFOs, VPS, and Directors of Finance
  • CIOs and CTOs
  • VPs and Directors of IT
  • VPs, Directors, and Managers of Operations
  • VPs, Directors, and Managers of Engineering
  • VPs, Directors, and Managers of New Projects
  • VPs, Directors, and Managers of Procurement
  • Directors, Managers and Architects of Automation and Enterprise Integration




Agenda details for this program are shown below.  Times and sessions are subject to change.



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