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November 09

Siemens Drives Forward Its Expansion In Industrial Software With Acquisition of Vistagy, Inc.

Keywords: PLM, Composite Materials, Composite Structures, Carbon Fiber Components, Lifecycle Of Products.

Siemens expands its industrial software portfolio with the acquisition of Vistagy, Inc., Waltham, Massachusetts, USA, a leading supplier of specialized engineering software and services with emphasis on designing and manufacturing structures made of advanced composite materials. An agreement to this effect was signed in early November. This acquisition allows Industry Automation, a Division of the Siemens Industry Sector, to continue to enhance its position as the world's leading supplier of industrial software. The parties agreed not to disclose the terms of the acquisition. The transaction is subject to customary approvals, and is expected to close before the end of 2011.

Companies that use composite materials like carbon fiber components in their products are faced with the task of further reducing costs and time-to-market in order to sharpen the competitive edge composites offer. With their unique combination of low weight, high strength, and durability, composite structures are already used extensively in the aerospace industry and for rotor blades of wind power turbines. Composite materials will continue to experience more widespread use – primarily in the automotive and marine industries – as the complexity and time required for developing and producing composite structures is reduced.

This is precisely the aim Siemens is pursuing by adding industry-specific engineering software to its industrial software portfolio for Product Lifecycle Management (PLM). With the acquisition of Vistagy, Siemens will become the only company worldwide to support the whole value creation for carbon fiber components with its software tools – from product definition and development to manufacturing and service.

Siemens is planning to integrate the software supplier and its products, services and support into its PLM Software Business Unit, a part of the Siemens Industry Automation Division. Siemens PLM Software is a leading global supplier of software and services with the capability to optimize the entire lifecycle of products and radically reduce their time-to-market. The company's well- established open business model that serves the needs of all customers regardless of their mix of IT solutions and CAD platforms will help ensure the ongoing support and satisfaction of all Vistagy customers.

David W. Humphrey, ARC Advisory Group, commented, "Vistagy's engineering software and services address the needs of a market that is no longer just a niche.   Composites materials have long since gone mainstream in some industries, as evidenced by their use in Boeing's new 787 Dreamliner.  Bringing Vistagy's solutions into Siemens' PLM portfolio is a good fit right from the start, thanks to built-in support for NX, the integrated CAD/CAM/CAE solution from Siemens PLM. 

"Composite materials are revolutionizing many industries, thanks to their lower weight and higher tensile strength.  While they directly replace traditional materials, such as aluminum, manufacturing processes with composites are much different and require special skills.  Mostly importantly, to take full advantage of composites' properties, it's important to consider these early in the design phase rather than later during production. 

"Vistagy's engineering software for composite materials supports both the design and production phases, matching closely with Siemens's philosophy of providing solutions to support the whole value chain.  For Siemens, the acquisition of Vistagy adds another domain focus in a lucrative, maturing market."
















ARC Advisory Group


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