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November 11

Apprion’s New ION Tank Gauging Application for Critical Industrial Tank Level and Condition Monitoring

Keywords: Self-Healing Network, Wireless Monitoring, Gauge Tank Capacity, Automated Alerts.

Apprion, a leader in industrial wireless application systems, announced the ION Tank Gauging Application, which remotely and continuously monitors liquid levels, vapor pressure, temperature, hazardous conditions and standing water.

ION Tank Gauging extends existing ION System Monitoring applications for Condition Monitoring, Network Monitoring and Emission Monitoring. Apprion's ION System streams real-time intelligence from all these applications and others into a common dashboard view for plant operators in industrial process manufacturing industries.

As a result, industrial users now have added capabilities to gauge capacity utilization, accurately know inventory levels and dramatically reduce loss control, whether from overflows or hazardous safety incidents. This wireless monitoring capability from remote control stations replaces time-consuming, inefficient, error-prone manual processes.

The complete ION System not only provides a window into tank levels, but it also integrates data from other safety, security, compliance and operational applications. Automated alerts provide immediate notification of tank levels before overflows or hazardous pressure situations. In addition, multiple backhaul paths meet compliance requirements, and reporting capabilities provide historical information, which help to identify long-term and troubling trends.

Apprion's engineers have architected the ION System, so that wireless network devices relay data around obstacles, which means there is no single point of failure. The self-healing network also ensures uninterrupted data communication in an environment with large obstacles, such as storage tanks.

















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