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Market Studies Are Available as an On-Demand Service or as a PDF File

ARC's Global Market Research Studies are well known for their detailed analysis and accuracy.  They deliver both quantitative and qualitative results with regard Market Intelligence and Rapid Analysisto vendors, the market, and trends.  Studies cover the full breadth of enterprise software, manufacturing applications, automation products, and related services.  Please see the list below.

ARC delivers research differentiation in a number of ways.  First, results are achieved through a rigorous primary research process, not estimates based on public sources.  Second, ARC Analysts have deep domain expertise in the areas they cover and results are vetted through their knowledge and vast industry relationships.  Finally, research is delivered with both current year, forecast, and a two year history.  That drives consistency.  The highest possible quality is the foundation of every ARC global market research study.

In addition to global studies, ARC offers many studies in regional and country editions.  These studies are designed to support the strategic sales and marketing professionals with responsibility in maximizing penetration and competitiveness at a regional and country level.

Building on ARC’s traditional market studies, our Market Intelligence and Rapid Analysis (MIRA) service delivers market data in a powerful ARC hosted environment (based on Microsoft Excel).  This environment is integrated with our study database and can support over 100 product categories in over 20 vertical markets.  MIRA can contain and analyze data from several studies simultaneously, delivering aggregate data from different product segments over selected periods and regions.  When more market granularity is required, MIRA Country, with its visibility into a region down to country levels, is available.  This solution delivers a regional analysis based on economic data and ARC primary research.

For detailed information, please click on the study title below.   To sort columns in ascending or descending order, click on the heading.  For more information or to purchase a study, please submit this form.

MIRA/Market Research Study TitleFilter
8/29/20143D ScanningWW & All Regions
7/31/2014AC Drives - High PowerWW, All Regions & Select Countries
7/31/2014AC Drives - Low PowerWW, All Regions & Select Countries
2/6/2014AC Drives - Medium VoltageWW, All Regions & Select Countries
2/25/2013Additive Manufacturing SystemsWW & All Regions
12/3/2012Advanced Process Control (APC) & On-line OptimizationWW & All Regions
8/15/2014Analytics and Business Intelligence PlatformsWW & All Regions
10/25/2011Asset Information Management and Information HandoverWW
11/18/2013Asset Reliability Software & ServicesWW & All Regions
3/4/2014Automated On-Off ValvesWW & All Regions
5/19/2014Automation Aftermarket Services for ChinaChina
1/6/2014Automation and Software Expenditures for Discrete IndustriesWW
1/31/2014Automation and Software Expenditures for Process IndustriesWW
2/26/2013Automation Systems Market Outlook for MexicoMexico
6/7/2013Automation Systems Market Outlook for RussiaRussia
9/5/2012Automation Systems Market Outlook for South AfricaSouth Africa
5/10/2012Automation Systems Market Outlook for TurkeyTurkey
3/26/2013Automotive Industry Automation and Software ExpendituresWW
5/14/2013Autonomous Mobile RoboticsWW & All Regions
8/27/2013Batch Management SoftwareWW & All Regions
6/10/2013Cement and Glass Industry Automation and Software ExpendituresWW
4/5/2013Chemical Industry Automation and Software ExpendituresWW
8/29/2013Collaborative Production Management for Process IndustriesWW, All Regions & Select Countries
11/12/2012Computer Numerical Controls (CNC)WW & All Regions
11/13/2013Connected Device Management PlatformsWW & All Regions
1/3/2014Continuous Ultrasonic Level DevicesWW & All Regions
9/18/2014Control ValvesWW, All Regions & Select Countries
1/15/2013Discrete Automation I/O Modules WW & All Regions
9/8/2014Distributed Control Systems (DCS)WW, All Regions & Select Countries
5/24/2013Distributed Control Systems (DCS) for Power Generation IndustryWW & All Regions
1/12/2011Distributed Control Systems (DCS) India
6/22/2012Electric Power Distribution Automation SystemsWW
7/29/2013Electric Power Generation Industry Automation and Software ExpendituresWW
9/13/2011Electric Power Industry Automation and Asset ManagementIndia
7/30/2014Emission Monitoring SystemsWW & All Regions
7/23/2014Energy ManagementWW & All Regions
8/22/2014Engineering Design Tools for Plants and InfrastructureWW & All Regions
5/9/2014Engineering Services by Global Service Providers in IndiaWW & All Regions
4/2/2014Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) and Field Service Management (FSM)WW & All Regions
12/15/2011Enterprise Manufacturing IntelligenceWW & All Regions
6/28/2013ERP in the CloudWW, All Regions & Select Countries
12/13/2011Fieldbus Solutions for the Process IndustriesWW & All Regions
10/7/2014FlowmetersWW & All Regions
11/14/2012Food & Beverage Industry Automation and Software ExpendituresWW
8/7/2013General Motion ControlWW & All Regions
10/10/2014Geographic Information SystemsWW & All Regions
9/27/2013Global Trade ManagementWW & All Regions
3/21/2014Human-Machine Interface (HMI) Software & ServicesWW & All Regions
9/18/2012HVAC Control SystemsWW & All Regions
7/9/2013ICS Cyber Security SolutionsWW
9/30/2014Industrial Ethernet DevicesWW & All Regions
5/6/2013Industrial Ethernet SwitchesWW & All Regions
8/3/2012Industrial PCsWW, All Regions & Select Countries
11/15/2013Industrial Uninterruptible Power Supply SystemsWW & All Regions
10/1/2012Intelligent Train Control and Rail Signaling SystemsWW
11/19/2012Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS)WW & All Regions
5/20/2014Leak Detection SystemsWW & All Regions
5/27/2014Low Voltage ControlgearWW & All Regions
10/28/2013Machine Safeguarding SolutionsWW & All Regions
5/1/2014Machine VisionWW & All Regions
3/26/2013Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul for Aerospace and Defense IndustryWW
7/29/2014Managed Transportation ServicesWW & All Regions
10/18/2013Manufacturing Execution Systems for Discrete IndustriesWW, All Regions & Select Countries
6/13/2012Motor Control Centers - Low VoltageWW & All Regions
9/13/2013Multiphase Flow Metering SolutionsWW & All Regions
2/4/2014Oilfield Operations Management SystemsWW & All Regions
9/24/2014Operator and Immersive Training SimulatorsWW & All Regions
1/20/2014Operator PanelsWW & All Regions
2/20/2013Pharmaceutical & Biotech Industry Automation and Software ExpendituresWW
7/16/2012Photoelectric SensorsWW & All Regions
8/7/2014Plant Asset Management SystemsWW & All Regions
10/3/2013Pressure TransmittersWW, All Regions & Select Countries
5/29/2013Process Automation I/O ModulesWW & All Regions
10/23/2014Process Safety SystemsWW, All Regions & Select Countries
3/31/2014Process Simulation and OptimizationWW & All Regions
10/14/2014Product Lifecycle ManagementWW & All Regions
1/14/2014Production Machinery AutomationWW & All Regions
8/15/2014Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) and PLC-based Programmable Automation Controllers (PACs)WW, All Regions & Select Countries
6/15/2012Proximity SensorsWW & All Regions
3/26/2013Pulp and Paper Industry Automation and Software ExpendituresWW
10/26/2011Quality, Risk, and Compliance Management SystemsWW & All Regions
8/16/2013Radar Level TransmittersWW & All Regions
2/28/2013Refining Industry Automation and Software ExpendituresWW
12/15/2011SCADA Systems for Electric Power IndustryWW
1/6/2014SCADA Systems for Oil & Gas IndustryWW, All Regions & Select Countries
8/4/2014SCADA Systems for Water & Wastewater IndustryWW, All Regions & Select Countries
6/17/2013Service Capabilities and Profiles of System Integrators in IndiaIndia
8/13/2010Smart Grid Operations ManagementWW
5/23/2014Substation Automation SystemsWW & All Regions
11/19/2013Supplier Provided Automation ServicesWW & All Regions
4/25/2012Supply Chain ManagementWW & All Regions
2/4/2014Supply Chain PlanningWW & All Regions
11/13/2012Temperature TransmittersWW & All Regions
8/25/2014Terminal Automation SystemsWW & All Regions
7/29/2013Toxic and Combustible Gas DetectorsWW & All Regions
7/23/2014Transportation Management SystemsWW, All Regions & Select Countries
2/25/2013Upstream Oil & Gas Industry Automation and Software ExpendituresWW
1/10/2013Utility Scale Solar PV InvertersWW
7/9/2014Warehouse Management SystemsWW, All Regions & Select Countries
3/26/2013Water and Wastewater Industry Automation and Software ExpendituresWW
1/9/2014Wind Turbine Control SystemsWW
3/2/2012Wireless Devices in Process ManufacturingWW & All Regions
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