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Enterprise Manufacturing Intelligence

This Market Research Study delivers current market analysis plus a five year market and technology forecast.  The study is available in multiple editions including worldwide, all regions, and select countries.

Published Date


Enterprise Manufacturing Intelligence Market Experiencing Rapid Growth
The Enterprise Manufacturing Intelligence (EMI) market is one of the fastest growing segments of the CPM/ MES global automation software and service markets. The market growth is a result of manufacturers need for timely information to support and drive operational decisions.
Enterprise Manufacturing Intelligence, sometimes called Manufacturing Intelligence or Collaborative Manufacturing Intelligences, consists of the framework of integrated software and services that bring a company’s manufacturing data from disparate sources together for reporting, analysis, visual summaries, and synchronizing data between enterprise-level and plant floor systems.

EMI can be used at the plant level to improve operational visibility and collaboration and exchange of data between plant floor and enterprise systems or at the enterprise level to benchmark and visualize plant operations for operational excellence.

A common goal for using EMI is to turn plant data into useful knowledge that drives more informed business decisions. The core components of EMI include application connectors, data integration, data collection, contextualization, a data map or production model, analytics and visualization, reports or dashboards.
Currently, there is a lot of activity with respect to users, suppliers, and technology in this market because of the technologies’ ability to decrease costs, implement global standards and best practices, and improve performance. Users want EMI tools that are easy to use and deploy, and enable collaboration for real-time decision making and subsequent actions. Suppliers are re-sponding with integration tools, models and pre-built templates, easy to use analysis tools, and other enabling applications and mobile devices. In addition, cloud computing with EMI data is just over the horizon.
Strategic Issues
This study provides an in-depth analysis of the EMI market for process and discrete manufacturing by industry segment and geographic region. In addition, it provides insightful analysis of key issues that will impact this market in the future. Strategic issues covered include:
  • How can suppliers increase their value proposition?
  • How can EMI decision making drive operational performance?
  • What types of users and dashboards are being used?
  • What are some of the benefits and value that users are able to realize?
  • Which industries and regions offer the greatest business opportunities?

Formats and Editions Available

This market study may be purchased as an On-line License or as a PDF File.  The On-line License has some unique features such as market history and market shares for the past several years.  Regional studies include country and industry market data.  Studies and formats available are listed below:  


MIRA On-line

PDF File

 Worldwide (includes regional data)



 North America (includes country data)



 USA by Region and State



 Latin America (includes country data)



 Europe, Middle East, Africa (includes country data)



 Asia (includes country data)



Countries included in each region 

Table of contents for these studies is shown in the following paragraphs.

Study Brochure

Worldwide Study Table of Contents

Executive Summary
  • Scope
  • Market Size and Forecast
  • Strategies & Recommendations for Success
Market Shares List of Figures
  • Market Shares of the Leading Suppliers
  • Market Shares by Region
    • North America
    • Europe. Middle East, Africa
    • Asia
    • Latin America
  • Market Shares by Software & Services
  • Market Shares by Service Type
    • Consulting
    • Project Implementation
    • SaaS
    • Maintenance
  • Market Shares by Industry
    • Aerospace & Defense
    • Automotive
    • Cement & Glass
    • Chemical
    • Electronics & Semiconductors
    • Electric Power
    • Food & Beverage
    • Machinery Manufacturing
    • Medical Products
    • Mining & Metals
    • Oil & Gas
    • Pharmaceutical & Biotech
    • Plastic & Rubber
    • Pulp & Paper
    • Refining
    • Water & Wastewater
  • Market Shares by Tier
  • Market Shares by Internet vs. Client Based Deployment
Market Forecast List of Figures
  • Total EMI Software & Services Business
  • Shipments by Region
  • Shipments by Software & Services
  • Shipments by Service Type
  • Shipments by Industry
  • Shipments by Tier
  • Shipments by Internet vs. Client Based Deployment
  • Shipments by Sales Channel
  • Shipments by Client Usage
Supplier Profiles
Profiles for over 30 of the major suppliers servicing the EMI market are included. Each profile reviews the company’s business, products, and services as it applies to this market segment.

Regional Study Table of Contents


Executive Overview





Market Share Analysis

  • Leading Suppliers in Region
  • Industry Shares in Region
  • Country Shares in Region
  • Leading Suppliers by Industry

Market Forecast Analysis 

  • Market Forecast by Country
  • Market Forecast by Industry

Leading Supplier Profiles

List of countries included in each region:

Country Study Table of Contents

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