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System Integrators in India

This market research study delivers current market analysis plus a five year market and technology forecast.

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System Integrators Market in India Grows at Good Pace
This study provides an in-depth analysis of the system integrators business in India. This study also identifies growth segments and market trends, as well as challenges that system integrators face in India.  In addition to the quantitative assessment, this market research study provides an insightful analysis of trends and factors that will impact future business.

Due to the recent global uncertainties and weak external demand, India’s economy has slowed down, however domestic demand remains strong.  ARC believes investments in infrastructures, the need to produce and save energy to cope with future rising demands and costs, and the growing middle class in India with the potential for strong consumer spending form a solid foundation for the long-term growth of automation products and services market. 

Orders for automation products/systems and services in 2013 were down somewhat compared to 2012.  The slowdown was mainly due to the crunch in the country’s economy, resulting in reduced growth rates of various process and discrete industries.  However, the India market for these products and services is expected to rebound with good growth rates in the forecast period (2013-2018). 

As manufacturers build and expand their facilities in India, they need help from suppliers of automation systems and system integrator companies, that can help provide comprehensive solutions and services that meet their specific requirements.  This trend spurs the automation market, which in turn propels the system integrators’ market in India..

Strategic Issues
This report analyzes the service capabilities of system integrators in the India market and their domains.  It highlights how automation suppliers and end users stand to benefit by collaborating with system integrators who have good engineering and project management capabilities and technical skills. The study addresses strategic issues, such as:
  • What are the capabilities of system integrators in India?
  • Who are the leading system integrators and what industries do they serve?
  • What are the strategic issues that Indian system integrators face now and how will these change in the future?
  • Which user industries which offer the greatest growth opportunities to system integrators?
  • What are the strategies for success for system integrators in India? 

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Table of contents for this study is shown in the following paragraphs.

Study Brochure

Worldwide Study Table of Contents


Regional Study Table of Contents


Country Study Table of Contents

Executive Summary
  • Major Trends
  • Industry Trends
  • Strategies for Success
Market Shares List of Figures
  • Leading SIs in India and Their Business Model
  • Industry Shares in India
  • Market Shares by Industry
    • Automotive
    • Cement & Glass
    • Chemical & Petrochemical
    • Electric Power Generation
    • Food & Beverage
    • Machinery
    • Mining & Metals
    • Pharmaceuticals
    • Water & Waste
Market Analysis List of Figures
  • Total System Integrator Market in India
  • Shipments by Industry
    • Automotive
    • Cement & Glass
    • Chemical & Petrochemical
    • Electric Power Generation
    • Food & Beverage
    • Machinery
    • Mining & Metals
    • Pharmaceutical
    • Water & Waste
System Integrator Profiles
Profiles for the major system integrators in the India market are included. Each profile reviews the company’s areas of expertise and domains in which it operates.

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