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This Week's Featured Reports and News

Dick Hill Optimizing Process Control System Upgrade Projects

Upgrading control systems typically involves moving from an earlier generation of system to the current state of the art. This process is also often called migration. This could be the biggest single issue many automation end users face today. ARC Advisory Group estimates that the combined value of the installed base of automation systems now reaching the end of their useful lives is approximately $65 billion. This represents a big opportunity for both end users and suppliers.

Ralph Rio APM 2.0 with Industrial IoT

ARC developed its Asset Performance Management (APM) concept almost a decade ago to provide our clients with a framework to analyze their asset management needs, and optimize their asset availability and utilization. APM 2.0, which now incorporates emerging Industrial IoT approaches and technologies and new analytics solutions, uses information from production management and control systems in asset management applications to provide new opportunities to optimize asset availability and operational performance..