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Technology Evaluation & Selection for Industry

 This Week's Featured Reports and News

Dick SlanskyThe Next Generation of Computing: Emulating the Human Brain

Nearly 70 years ago, a team of engineers and mathematicians funded by the U.S. Army announced a new computing machine. They called it "ENIAC," for Electronic Numerical Integrator and Computer. It is generally accepted that this event heralded the beginning of the modern computing era. The most notable feature of ENIAC was its computing architecture developed by John von Neumann.

Steve BankerProduction Chemical Logistics for Unconventional Reservoirs

Probably the most significant change in the oilfield chemical market over the last few years has been the explosive growth of the unconventional reservoirs in North America, including shale oil, shale gas, and tight gas sands. The oilfield chemical market consists of four major segments: drilling and completions, simulation and subsurface, gas treating, and oil production treatment.

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