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June 30

Manufacturing Trends in Energy Efficiency

ARC Advisory Group is undertaking this survey to identify manufacturing trends in energy efficiency.  Many efficiency initiatives are mandated such as IE3 Class energy efficient motors required in many countries; however, IE4 Class motors, while not required, are being considered by manufacturers due to the potential long term cost savings.

The dominant trend to achieve energy savings in manufacturing and distribution centers has been to install induction motors in conjunction with AC Drives.  This approach has the lowest initial capex and improves energy efficiency.  However, leading manufacturers are taking a total cost of ownership evaluation to justify the use of higher efficiency permanent magnet brushless motor (PMBL) solutions in applications dominated by induction motors such as conveyors, pumps, and mixers.  Substituting PMBLM, which are IE4 Class rated, for induction motors in general automation applications has a potential business case justification from an energy savings perspective.
Who Should Participate in this Survey?
This survey is designed for, and should be taken by, end users, equipment suppliers, and engineering service firms who work with Electric Power Equipment and Systems and have knowledge about the business situation of their company.
If there is someone else in your organization that could also contribute, feel free to invite them to also take the Survey.  All answers are kept strictly confidential, and no company specific information or individual responses will be disclosed.  Furthermore, we do not disclose the fact that you participated in the Survey.
Benefits of Taking the Survey
ARC Advisory Group will issue a Strategy Report on the results of this Survey later this year, and by taking this Survey, you will receive a FREE copy of the aggregated results.  The survey is designed to take less than ten minutes.  Thank you for your cooperation.





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