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Quality, Risk, and Compliance (QRC) Software Evaluation and Selection

Quality, Risk, and Compliance (QRC) Software Evaluation and Selection
This ARC STAR Service includes both selection criteria and guided workflow steps to help in choosing a product quality, risk, and compliance management system to meet your business needs. 

​Quality, risk, and compliance solutions span a complexity continuum from low cost solutions with limits on the depth of functionality provided, to highly functional much higher cost solutions.  Different suppliers have also developed special domain expertise in specific industries.  Other suppliers have targeted specific small industry sub-segments such as blood banks.  Still others have targeted their solutions at small to medium size businesses by offering them through software-as-a-service (SaaS). 

The negative impact that defective, contaminated, or off quality products can have on a business is increasing.  As the number of incidents and the impact of such incidents continue to increase, governments are responding with increased regulatory requirements.  And there is a shift in regulatory response from rapid response and containment of an incident to prevention.  This has created a demand for more in-depth QRC system functionality that includes more real-time monitoring and prediction of potential off quality product that extends throughout the manufacturing supply chain.  Traditional paper records, manual data entry, and historic data analysis is no longer sufficient.  Electronic records, real-time analytics, and more powerful database have become a necessity.

ARC has been researching the QRC market for many years and we know the issues and breadth and depth of functionality needed to meet business and regulatory requirements:

  • Technology and Architecture
  • Integration with other business, production, and engineering systems and databases
  • Functionality that includes management of documents, change, assets & equipment, internal and external audits, employee training & qualification, manufacturing product quality, supplier quality, compliance & electronic submissions, customer complaints, risk, non-conformance, deviations, incidents, corrective & preventative actions, and QRC-based automation projects
  • Supplier long term viability
  • Long term vision of manufacturing QRC systems
This ARC STAR Service will help you select the best available quality, risk, and compliance system to meet your needs now and in the future.
For more information, or to arrange a demo of this service, please contact us