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June 29

PLM Trends and Opportunities in India

ARC recently conducted an end user survey to identify the current status, trends, and scope of product lifecycle management (PLM) solutions in India. The survey also focused on understanding the end-user challenges, reasons for deploying or not deploying PLM solutions, and the future outlook. The survey captured users' expectations in terms of features and benefits they expect from investing in PLM solutions.

Today's business environment is highly competitive. Especially in discrete manufacturing industries, companies find it challenging to truly differentiate their products and preserve their margins. Until recently, manufacturing companies focused on improving efficiencies along the supply chain and enhancing productivity in their plant floor operations. When designing products, manufacturing companies now take into account their manufacturability and product lifecycle support. They also want to reduce the design and engineering cycle time and minimize the iterative process involved in moving a new product from the design stage to manufacturing. This calls for reducing engineering change order (ECO) cycles to save time, meeting the supply-chain collaboration requirements, and so on. PLM solutions play a significant role in meeting these challenges.

Table of Contents

  • Executive Overview
  • Survey Findings and Analysis
  • User's Perceptions About the Benefits of PLM Solutions
  • How Users Perceive the Need for PLM Solutions
  • Growing PLM Solutions Market
  • Fulfillment of Expectations
  • Technical Support from Suppliers
  • User's Perception about PLM's Important Attributes
  • Expected Benefits from PLM Solutions
  • Reasons for Investing in PLM Solutions
  • Reasons Hindering the Growth of PLM Solutions
  • Potential for Growth
  • Application Profile
  • Products Designed in 3D CAD
  • Recommendations


ARC clients can view the complete report at PLM Trends and Opportunities in India

If you would like to buy this report or obtain information about how to become a client, please Request ARC Info



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