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Home > Posts > Medium-Voltage AC Drives Market Witnesses Double-Digit Growth in India
March 15

Medium-Voltage AC Drives Market Witnesses Double-Digit Growth in India

Keywords: Asset Management, Energy Management, MV AC Drives, Operations Management, Process Automation & Safety, State Policies.

India's manufacturing industries' growth is on the upswing, with both the discrete and process manufacturing industries making wide use of AC motors to help meet a variety of challenges. As elsewhere, domestic manufacturers face intense pressure to reduce energy costs, increase process performance, improve equipment reliability, and avoid downtime. For example, the State has recently introduced energy management policies that include mandatory measures, guidelines, and market-driven mechanisms.

AC drives can play a vital role in overcoming some of these challenges, especially in lowering energy costs and improving processes. As revealed in ARC Advisory Group's recently completed market outlook study on medium-voltage (MV) AC drives, due to these factors, usage of AC drives has become mandatory for many industrial companies.

ARC Advisory Group clients can view the complete report at this Link.

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