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April 05

Energy Management Solutions in Machine Tools

Keywords: Energy Management, Machine Tools Manufacturers.

Electricity demand will continue to rise and, along with it, energy prices. In developed economies, rising wealth will increase demand for electricity. In emerging economies, demand will rise as overall populations increase, more people adopt a higher standard of living, and the economies expand. At the same time, prices for the fossil fuels typically used to generate this electricity will continue to rise. In mature economies in particular, we'll see a shift toward increasing use of renewable energy sources, which also typically translates into higher electricity prices.

To help minimize the impact of these rising energy costs on their customers' production operations, machine builders increasingly address energy consumption issues within their overall solutions. This Insight, based largely on a series of in-depth interviews with German machine tool OEMs, points out some of the machine design-related, automation-related, drive train-related, and retrofit services-related approaches currently employed.

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