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April 12

Sustaining Control Systems: Post Migration

Keywords: Control System Migration, Manufacturing IT, DCS, IT.

A half-day workshop at the recent ARC World Industry Forum in Orlando, Florida brought together over 100 end users, suppliers, system integrators, and engineering contractors to discuss various practices for sustaining the new technology that comes with a successful system migration. During the workshop, Momentive Specialty Chemicals presented the in-house process it used to select a migration partner and minimize cost, and Dakota Gas presented its experience migrating now-obsolete systems that had been in place for twenty years. The workshop revealed much useful information for developing new practices for maintaining and sustaining the new controls systems, which are based largely on commercial-off-the-shelf technologies.

Although modern control systems offer significant potential to help improve production performance, many end users have reported other factors that prevent optimization of a modern control system. These have led some companies to hold back from making investments. Key issues, such as data integration, support roles, training, and cyber security, are not being addressed adequately during and after migration. This report, based largely on the migration workshop findings, includes relevant recommendations to help end users and technology suppliers alike create plans to help sustain the new control system over time.

ARC Advisory Group clients can view the complete report at this Link.

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