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February 01

SKF Asset Diagnostic Services Leverage Common Knowledge Network

Keywords: SKF Asset Diagnostic Services (ADS), Maintenance, Software as a Service (SaaS), Knowledge as a Service (KaaS), Cloud Computing, Remote Diagnostics.

Maximizing return on assets, reducing operational and maintenance costs, economic uncertainty, and skills shortages are just some of the many challenges facing manufacturers. To overcome these challenges, manufacturers are turning to trusted suppliers for asset monitoring solutions and services to increase asset lifecycle as well as productivity and profitability. Recently, SKF briefed ARC Advisory Group on its new Asset Diagnostic Services offering.

Asset Efficiency Optimization
The evidence confirms that when maintenance activities are conducted efficiently and effectively, value is created at all levels of an organization. To effectively manage and control maintenance operations, enterprises strive to achieve well-designed and executed work management processes.

SKF's Asset Efficiency Optimization (AEO) methodology is the core of its asset lifecycle management services. To support its customers' asset lifecycle management efforts, SKF AEO encompasses maintenance strategy, work identification, work control, and work execution; combining the company's products and technologies with its in-depth knowledge, industrial experience, and global service and consulting capabilities.

As both a component supplier and design partner to industrial OEMs, SKF is in a unique position to understand production assets. In addition, as a pioneer in condition monitoring tools and technologies, the company has combined its hardware, software, and services in an integrated ecosystem suitable for use in a broad range of industries. Industries that employ remotely located assets such as wind, marine, and mining can access the same knowledge base and level of support regardless of location.

Asset Diagnostic Center
In today's global marketplace, multinational manufacturers expect no less than consistent delivery of products, solutions, and services from their suppliers; regardless of location or industry. Unfortunately, these expectations are not always fulfilled due to a variety of factors, including language, location, and technician skill level. This situation could be a strategic disadvantage for manufacturers. To deliver a consistent level of expertise and service across the globe, SKF has launched its Asset Diagnostic Services (ADS) program to standardize predictive maintenance processes. According to the company, ADS leverages its knowledge and experience to provide asset monitoring and diagnostic solutions and services to extend asset lifecycle and sustainably; increasing productivity and profitability for its customers.

Central to ADS, SKF is establishing strategically located remote diagnostic centers around the globe to facilitate sharing of knowledge and best practices. Diagnostic centers will utilize a centrally hosted IT infrastructure to which customers or SKF condition monitoring engineers can send asset data to be analyzed and diagnosed by an expert team of SKF-certified vibration monitoring specialists. The centers could also perform real-time remote asset monitoring to supplement on-site maintenance activities. With standardized work processes, procedures, templates, and reporting tools; SKF ADS aims to ensure consistent delivery of knowledge, analysis, and recommendations anywhere in the world, 24/7.

ADS offers a software as a service (SaaS) delivery model in which SKF software and associated condition monitoring data are centrally hosted in the cloud and typically accessed by end users, OEM partners, and SKF service technicians using a thin client via a web browser. ADS also provides knowledge as a service (KaaS) to the same user group as a modular solution that combines the features of SaaS with condition monitoring hardware, analysis, decision support, and reporting software, web-based solutions and SKF's knowledge and experience in bearing analytics, diagnostics, and prognosis.

ARC believes that the increased amount and complexity of automation equipment currently in use in plants requires a higher order approach to maintenance. We agree that variables such as remote location, language, and available skills can be inhibitors to achieving world-class performance. Partnering with a knowledgeable and trusted supplier for remote monitoring services can be an economical strategy in terms of investment dollars as well as man-hour expenditures.

Access to a common knowledge network provides the added benefit of increased data integrity with minimal investment. With a well-developed work management process executed with a trusted and knowledgeable partner like SKF, manufacturers can reduce the risk of unplanned shutdowns, extend asset life, and reduce costs.

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