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February 01

Strategies for Responding to the Current Surge in Technology Adoption

Keywords: Mobile Devices, Cloud, LinkedIn, Facebook, Consumer-Driven IT, Industrial, Manufacturing, Automation.

Executive Overview
Consumer-driven IT has advanced rapidly, and in many ways, business and industrial IT are catching-up. Consumers have mobile devices, services in a cloud, and social engagement via LinkedIn and Facebook. They have experienced the benefits of these technologies, and often bring new expectations for business applications. Most IT organizations face tremendous pressure from the operating units they support to bring this consumer-driven IT into their business and industrial applications.

The rate of technology change has reached a new level with four rapidly emerging technologies — cloud, mobile, social and analytics — concurrently impacting software applications and the people using them. This change goes beyond rudimentary technology adoption. The combination provides the opportunity to re-engineer business processes and achieve new levels of operational effectiveness. But, these technologies have many moving parts, and an experienced global service provider (GSP) can help mitigate some of the risk and help assure success.

Table of Contents

  • Executive Overview
  • Generational Rate of Technology Change
  • Outsourcing Value Proposition
  • Selecting the Strategic Partner
  • Recommendations


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