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March 14

When Building the Digital Enterprise, It’s All About the Data

Keywords: Digital Enterprise, Real-Time Information, Data Characteristics, Information-Driven Manufacturing, Disruptive Technology.

In an increasingly complex global competitive environment, real-time information is vital to help make decisions that optimize the efficiency and effectiveness of manufacturing enterprises. As discussed in a recent ARC Advisory Group strategy report, disruptive technologies, such as cloud computing, mobile devices, social networks, advanced search engines, and Big Data analytics, are increasingly being used in manufacturing and other industrial operations to create the information-driven enterprise. Nevertheless, we still hear people say they have plenty of data, but don't know what to do with it all,

ARC believes that this is partly because most manufacturing business models today are designed around sustaining technologies, rather than disruptive technologies. And, most manufacturing enterprises have yet to learn from the success achieved in the bio-medical research and development industry over the past decade by using innovative technology. Here, industry participants recognized that they needed to first thoroughly determine the problem they were trying to solve before defining their specific data requirements.

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