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March 28

Cyber Security Workshops Focus on Awareness and Knowledge Transfer

Keywords: Cyber Security, US Department of Homeland Security, DHS, US-CERT, ICS-CERT, ICSJWG, Critical Infrastructure.

The frightening effects of cyber attacks like Stuxnet and Shamoon have significantly raised concern for good industrial control system (ICS) cyber security strategies in every plant and facility. End users need to understand the kinds of cyber security threats they face and the approaches and technologies that can be used to reduce vulnerabilities. To this end, ARC collaborated with the US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to conduct a workshop at our recent Forum in Orlando.

The workshop was conducted by Jeffrey Gray, Program Lead, Industrial Control Systems Joint Working Group at DHS and Ryan Kimmitt, a DHS Security Analyst. Both addressed key vulnerabilities that could impact plant availability or safety, provided examples of recent incursions, provided recommended counter-strategies, and highlighted DHS resources to assist owner-operators and suppliers alike in the US and elsewhere.

Approximately 100 end users, suppliers, systems integrators, engineers, and representatives from other government agencies participated in this workshop. They learned about the current problem, approaches for building effective defense strategies, and how DHS can help them develop and manage their programs.

ARC Advisory Group clients can view the complete report at this Link.

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