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Home > Posts > Digital Energy Conference 2013 - Unconventional Production Requires Unconventional Solutions
April 05

Digital Energy Conference 2013 - Unconventional Production Requires Unconventional Solutions

Keywords: Digital Oilfield, Drilling Automation Systems, Remote Operations Management, ROM, Automated Workflows, Big Data, Analytics.

The Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) recently held its annual Digital Energy Conference, with the theme, "Information to Insight," to help develop further support for the growing number of digital oilfield initiatives. Key players in the oil & gas industry increasingly recognize that investing in drilling and oilfield automation and IT are now prerequisites for success. Gone are the days when companies could drill that "billion dollar well" that produced profitably for 20 or 30 years. Increasingly, companies are forced to drill many more wells that may be productive for only a few weeks.

Significantly, service companies and operators at the conference indicated their desire to rely more on automation and IT companies to help them develop solutions and to learn from the successes already achieved in other industries.

ARC Advisory Group saw a number of interesting and informative presentations during the conference. This is the first of several ARC Insights that will report on our takeaways from the conference.

Automation and IT Are No Longer Optional
Ron Cramer of Shell made a compelling presentation on how advances in drilling technology such as fracking, microseismic imaging, and horizontal wells led to the successful development of onshore shale gas, tight gas, coal bed methane, light oil, shale oil, and today's burgeoning well numbers.

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