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April 05

ISA108 Intelligent Device Management Focuses on Work Processes

Keywords: Asset Performance Management, APM, Intelligent Device Management, IDM, International Society on Automation, ISA, Predictive Maintenance, PdM.

Field instrumentation and analytical chemistry device suppliers have made tremendous progress over the last decade incorporating value added functionality into intelligent devices. This includes enhanced visualization and health monitoring functionality to facilitate predictive maintenance (PdM). Despite these technological advancements, many manufacturers are not utilizing digital device diagnostics to their best advantage. Consequently, plant operational efficiency has not improved significantly nor have costs due to device-related accidents decreased.

To address this issue, the International Society on Automation (ISA) has recently formed a new standard committee, ISA108, to characterize intelligent device management in the process industries. The committee will define standard templates for best practices and work processes based on information derived from intelligent field devices, including models and terminology, implementation guidelines, and de-tailed work processes.

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