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Home > Posts > Laser Modeling Technology Supports Offshore Platform Upgrade in Indonesia
April 12

Laser Modeling Technology Supports Offshore Platform Upgrade in Indonesia

Keywords: Laser Scanning, Laser Modeling, Engineering Software, As-Built 3D Model, Brownfield Modifications, Offshore Platform, Specialist Engineering.

Many brownfield offshore production assets lack accurate "as-built" documentation. This makes it problematic for engineers to plan, design, and implement needed reconfigurations. Without appropriate paper or electronic documentation of the physical facility and other assets in brownfield installations, before beginning a re-design project, engineers would need to first perform a costly and detailed survey. In most cases, this survey would have to include the electrical, piping, wiring, equipment, and instrumentation layouts, as well as the physical structure.

Modern laser scanning technology helps to a certain degree, but still requires the engineering group to transform the laser scan data into 3D models of the asset that can be used within their familiar plant design management software (PDMS) environment. This too is a relatively costly and time-consuming process.

PT Synergy Engineering recently faced this problem when commissioned to perform brownfield modifications on an offshore oil and gas production platform in West Java, Indonesia. Provided with an opportunity to try out laser modeling technology that generates validated, intelligent 3D models directly from laser scan data for this project, Synergy Engineering and its laser scanning partner, PT SurtechUtama, applied the new technology successfully, significantly reducing required man-hours and associated costs.

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