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May 09

MOM Deserves a Little Respect

Keywords: MES, MOM, Manufacturing IT, Plant Automation, Information-Driven Manufacturing.

In the past, MOM/MES systems often took a back seat to automation systems in the sales efforts of many automation companies. Though valued for extending the product footprint and the solution capability that could be offered to customers, manufacturing operations management and manufacturing execution systems were too often outside the comfort zone of the sales team on the ground. That's no longer the case. Today we're beginning to see the automation companies' sales teams using MOM to help pull through the larger automation system sale.

So what is the reason for the newfound strength and attraction of MOM offerings?

MOM Sweetens the Pot
MOM/MES solutions are commonly offered by industrial automation vendors, ERP vendors, and independent software vendors. In the case of industrial automation vendors, their MOM software offerings often came through the acquisition of one or more software companies. While this usually significantly expanded the potential scope of the solutions they could offer to their customers, the companies' respective system sales forces didn't always have a good understanding of how to sell the potentially differentiating software. As a result, they often discounted it along with the rest of the system just to close the deal. Over time however, automation users gained a better appreciation for the business value that the software could bring to their operations, and the automation vendors got much better at selling MOM/MES systems at a price that more closely reflected their true value.

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