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June 14

Cloud ERP Attracts SMBs Across a Wide Range of Industries

Keywords: Manufacturing, Service Industries, SaaS, Subscription-Based, Resources, Enterprise Application, Multi-Tenant, SMB, ESB.

"Enterprise resource planning" or "ERP" is the term used to describe business management systems designed to integrate the data sources and processes of an entire organization into a unified system. ERP systems integrate business activities across functional departments, from product planning, parts purchasing, inventory control, product distribution, fulfillment, to order tracking. ERP software systems also include application modules for supporting marketing, finance, accounting, and human resources.

"Cloud computing" is the term used to describe using the public or private clouds to access hardware, software, and other resources that are provided on-demand to perform work. Cloud computing encompasses any subscription-based or pay-per-use service that, in real-time over the public Interne or private extranets to extend existing information technology (IT) capabilities.

The cloud computing model is composed of five essential characteristics, three service models, and four deployment models. The essential characteristics are on-demand self-service, broad network access, resource pooling, rapid elasticity, and measured service. The three service models are software as a service (SaaS), platform as a service (PaaS), and infrastructure as a service (IaaS). The four deployment models are private, community, public, and hybrid. And then, there are the two solution types, single- and multi-tenant.

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