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June 27

Can Automated Message Systems Actually Improve Customer Satisfaction?

Keywords: Interactive Voice Systems, Logistics, Customer Satisfaction.

Most consumers have learned to hate automated message systems. While these systems can reduce labor costs, the poor-to-abysmal service that consumers often encounter can adversely affect a company's brand. Can these systems ever actually improve a company's customer satisfaction? As we'll learn in this report, an actual case study, the answer is "yes."

Seinfeld, Moviefone, and Automated Message Systems
One of the most famous episodes of Seinfeld, the popular American television comedy, was "The Pool Guy." In this episode, one of the main characters - Cosmo Kramer - has a phone number that is very similar to Moviefone's, the movie listing service. Consequently, Kramer gets many calls from people wanting show times. In the end, Kramer decides to just play along and he makes himself sound like an automated messaging system. For those with a sadistic sense of humor, the laughs come from the irritation he causes the callers.

Consumers hate automated calling systems. However, in some situations, Interactive Voice Activation (IVR) — the proper name for automated messaging systems —can actually improve customer satisfaction.

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