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June 27

Improving Packaging Operations Is a Business Imperative for CPG Manufacturers

Keywords: Packaging Operations Management System, Packaging, Packaging Machinery, PackML.

Packaging operations are undergoing dramatic change. This is driven by the need to handle a wider variety of products, packages, and labels; meet increasing customer and regulatory requirements; improve business performance; reduce business risk; and maintain consumer confidence in the brand.

ARC Advisory Group estimates that there are over 200,000 packaging lines in the global food and beverage industry alone. This includes over 50,000 packaging lines and hundreds of thousands of machines just in North America. Most of these are highly automated; but poorly integrated machine operations that have proven more difficult to optimize than upstream processing operation. However, information technology, packaging operations management systems (POMS), and other packaging operations automation solutions have matured to the point where CPG companies now have a host of new possibilities to consider and potentially deploy.

Islands of Automation
Product packaging and packaging operations play an important role in ensuring product quality, safety, security, convenience, tracking and tracing, company and product image, and consumer selection.

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