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July 01

ERP in the Cloud:  A Winning Combination for SMBs and Suppliers

Keywords: Cloud ERP, Cloud Computing, Enterprise Resource Planning, Small-to-Medium Businesses, Cloud Service Models, Cloud Deployment Models.

This Strategy Report is intended to help the reader to better understand the current environment surrounding ERP (enterprise resource planning) in the cloud. It will also provide some fundamental strategies to help get readers – users and suppliers alike – on a planned path to a successful cloud ERP environment.

Cloud ERP provides a comprehensive enterprise application that has been evolving since ERP first emerged as an inventory management and control application in the 1960s. By combining ERP with a relatively new technology – cloud computing – suppliers can now deliver an extensive business management system for small-to-medium businesses/enterprises (SMBs/SMEs), and do so for a considerably less money than with a traditional on-premise ERP implementation. ARC considers this a win-win situation for users and suppliers.

Key findings from recent ARC research into the global market for cloud ERP include:

  1. Even though there are a number of characteristics associated with cloud computing (like service models, deployment models, and solution types, to name a few) most of these are one dimensional with cloud ERP. In other words, many of the characteristics of cloud computing fall under just one of the available options.
  2. Suppliers have expanded ERP beyond its traditional base in process and discrete manufacturing environment to a wide range of other industries.
  3. SMBs, shut out of the large on-premise ERP implementations of the past, are the primary target audience for cloud ERP.
  4. For numerous reasons, North America has adopted cloud ERP much more rapidly than other regions, even though leading suppliers come from the UK, The Netherlands, Germany, India, and China, as well as the US.


Table of Contents

  • Executive Overview
  • ERP and Cloud Computing 101
  • Suppliers Give New Meaning to "ERP"
  • ERP Moves Up into the Cloud
  • Strategies for Success - Suppliers
  • Strategies for Success – End Users
  • Summary


ARC Advisory Group clients can view the complete report at this Link.

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