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July 25

ENOVIA:  Dassault Systèmes’ Collaborative Platform for the 3D User Experience

Keywords: ENOVIA, Collaborative Design, PDM, 3DEXPERIENCE, Social Industry Experience, 3D Experience, Experience Economy, Industry Solutions, Systems Engineering.

ARC Advisory Group recently attended a day-long briefing and update on ENOVIA by Dassault Systèmes (DS) at the company's Americas headquarters in Waltham, Mass. ENOVIA is the company's product for collaborative product data management (PDM) and functions as the core platform and design/build repository for all DS PLM products and solutions. The program focused on how the ENOVIA brand enables the overall DS strategy of the 3D user experience across industries, business, science, and society.

Al Bunshaft, SVP for DS Americas, provided a corporate update on Dassault Systèmes and a look at the business and innovation culture of the company. Bunshaft pointed out that DS is a public company that behaves like a private company because most of the public holdings are controlled by principals within the company. Unlike most public companies, DS is committed to its long-term vision and growth rather than quarterly earnings. The company has no debt, plenty of cash (for strategic acquisitions), can drive its vision and business strategies aggressively, and (according to Bunshaft) ultimately returns more to the shareholders.

Bunshaft focused on the fundamental technology and business strategy for DS in which the 3DEXPERIENCE enables the user to imagine, create, design and simulate across all domains of the product lifecycle. He presented the DS 3DEXPERIENCE compass that represents all DS brands in a single platform and in which ENOVIA points to the social and collaborative applications. As Bernard Charles, DS CEO states: "Dassault Systèmes provides business and people with 3DEXPERIENCE universes to enable them to imagine sustainable innovations capable of harmonizing product, nature, and life."

The ENOVIA Strategy: Social Industry Experiences
Andy Kalambi, ENOVIA CEO, presented the ENOVIA business and product strategy, and articulated the message DS will use to depict ENOVIA going forward. Kalambi began by describing today's business and social environment as the "Experience Economy." He pointed out that designing and building products has primarily been in the realm of engineering and manufacturing, with products such as automobiles designed and built by engineers who provide technical solutions to engineering problems.

Today, in addition to designing and building products, manufacturers also need to provide business solutions that create unique experiences for their immediate customers and their customers' customers, the ultimate consumers of the products. In the case of automobiles, while end consumers want a quality-designed and built vehicle, they also want the experience of mobility systems; infotainment; and smart, safe and connected cars. The goal of ENOVIA, Kalambi states, is to ultimately provide a collaborative, social environment from concept, design, and manufacturing all the way to the consumer.

Around the four quadrants of the DS 3DEXPERIENCE compass — 3D Modeling Apps, Information Intelligence Apps, Content and Simulation Apps, and Social and Collaborative Apps — ENOVIA falls into the latter category. This positioning emphasizes DS's strategy to have ENOVIA serve as the central collaborative core for all DS brands and to support social innovation and design communities. Within the context of the DS 3DEXPERIENCE Platform, ENOVIA delivers all collaborative apps, DS brand solutions, and industry-focused solutions to the user.

The ENOVIA platform supports the 12 DS industry solution segments through an architecture that addresses both the core design/build engineering tools and the enterprise business domains. The engineering core consists of ENOVIA Global Design Management, Global Engineering Management, Global Manufacturing Management, and Global Product Support Management. ENOVIA Configuration Management and Cost Management supports these design/build engineering domains. ENOVIA Enterprise solutions support and surround the engineering core. These include Product Planning and Program Management, Strategic CRM, Strategic SCM, Global Product Development, Quality and Compliance Management, and IP Classification and Security Management.

ENOVIA holds a significant presence in the PLM/PDM market, with over 13,500 companies across all DS industry sectors and over a million users. Today, ENOVIA applications by industry include: aerospace & defense (A&D); transportation & mobility; industrial equipment; architecture, engineering & construction (AEC); financial & business services; consumer packaged goods (CPG); consumer goods-retail; marine & offshore; energy; process & utilities; high tech; life sciences; and most recently, natural resources.

ENOVIA Designed to Support a New Age of Manufacturing
Ramesh Haldorai, VP of ENOVIA Strategy provided an overview of how ENOVIA addresses the challenges of the "New Age of Manufacturing." Haldorai pointed out how manufacturers in today's global market face increasing levels of complexity across business, product development, and processes. From a business perspective, companies need to be global and must market products to many different countries with a diverse array of consumer demands and regional regulations. Moreover, companies must deal with simultaneous launches, shorter lifecycles, faster innovation cycles, and engineering, sourcing, and manufacturing on a global scale.

From a product perspective, the complexity is increasing at a very rapid rate. In the automotive industry, for example, it is not uncommon to make many significant design changes in a day. If these changes are not handed accurately, efficiently, and on a global scale, it takes away from the overall innovation process that's vital in a highly competitive market. Moreover, the approach to product development and manufacturing is becoming more consumer-driven, with the creative/innovative process tied directly to the consumer experience and demands. To meet the demands of global product development, DS designed the ENOVIA platform to address a market-driven engineering environment characterized by increasing derivatives and localization and increasingly complex operations.

Haldorai pointed out how ENOVIA now offers manufacturers three strategic advantages for product design:

  • Real-time collaborative design and configured digital mock-up (DMU) (versus file-based data sharing, batch mode DMU, and model check-out check-in)
  • Model-based systems engineering and automatic BOM generation) versus managing data relationships and BOM entry), and
  • Global single instance and flexible business models (versus replicated instances and workflows and forms)


ENOVIA Systems Engineering Provides Development Platform for the Next Generation of Smart Products
David Segal, Director, ENOVIA Systems Engineering and Mechatronics, presented the DS strategy and solution platform for systems engineering. Segal showed how a systems engineering approach and methodology was required to develop today's mechatronic-based smart products that involve multiple engineering disciplines (mechanical, electrical, embedded software).

Segal explained how systems-driven product development begins by first determining product requirements and then progresses through functional analysis, logical design, and physical design; accompanied by a continuous loop-back process of integration and validation of requirements and functional decomposition. Mechatronics design involves introducing the various constraints that each engineering discipline imposes on the requirements and functional analysis. These include electrical/electronic design on mechanical design, embedded systems software design on the overall design, and so on.

Segal pointed out that systems engineering is critical as companies develop the next generation of smart products (smart trains, cars, appliances, apparel, retail, phones, tablets, and so on) across multiple industries. Smart product development requires multi-discipline collaboration.

DS has a long history of developing systems engineering-focused solutions, and has made a series of acquisitions to be able to offer a comprehensive set of systems engineering applications. The acquisitions include Dynasim for the Modelica modeling language, Dymola, Autosar, and — most recently — Geensoft systems platform.

ENOVIA provides an integrated systems engineering platform for mechanical, electrical, software, and hardware design. The DS systems engineering vision and strategy are to enable the user to experience all elements of the systems development platform at any time. This would include system requirements, systems architecture, systems behavior modeling, embedded systems, system test and validation, and the virtual system 3D experience to visualize the finished product in a simulated environment.

Clearly, ENOVIA functions as the core platform for product, process, and production for all DS brands. The ENOVIA business strategy of "Social Industry Experiences" embodies the three primary elements that characterize the company's overall vision. ENOVIA, as a brand, represents the social and collaborative point on the 3DEXPERIENCE compass as well as the core repository and point of access for all the DS industry solutions and brands.

From an architectural perspective, the ENOVIA platform is designed to support the core global engineering and product development collaborative process, and integrates these functions with enterprise business collaboration. ENOVIA provides this architectural framework and focus across all DS industry solution sets.

ENOVIA appears to well be positioned to help its customers as the market moves into the "New Age of Manufacturing."

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