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August 15

Zen and the Art of Supplier Selection

Keywords: Supplier Selection, Technology Selection, Justification, Definition.

Owner/operators frequently ask ARC Advisory Group for advice about selecting both technology and technology suppliers. With so many really good technology suppliers out there today and the vast (and seemingly ever-expanding) palette of technologies available to choose from, technology supplier selection can be a challenging task. As explained in a November 2010 ARC Strategy Report, Supplier Selection Best Practices, technology supplier selection can represent either an opportunity found or an opportunity lost.

The good news is that ARC has accumulated significant experience in technology and supplier selection and developed methods, processes, procedures, and even automated tools that can help technology users make informed, impartial, fact-based decisions.

So clear your minds, put aside your preconceptions, your biases, and your anxieties and let's explore together some of the key issues surrounding technology and supplier selection and review some helpful approaches.

Supplier Selection vs. Technology Selection
While supplier selection and technology selection often go hand in hand, it's important to keep in mind that they are not one and the same. Certainly, whenever capital outlays are involved, choosing the right technology for your business requirements and specific applications is important, but choosing the right supplier to provide that technology and associated support is even more so. Technology is a business tool, but a major supplier is a business partner.

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