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September 12

Strategies to Achieve Energy Optimization and the Factory of the Future

Keywords: Efficiency, Energy Management, Factory of Future, On-line Combustion, Optimization, Smart Manufacturing, Strategies, Technologies.

ARC Advisory Group's eleventh India Forum had a well-attended session on energy management strategies and the factory of the future. The session highlighted the imperative for more effective energy management across industries to enable companies to curtail costs and adhere to environmental regulations.

Presentations in this session revolved around how industrial companies can reduce energy costs by analyzing the energy consumption of various plant equipment and processes and bridging the gaps. While energy management initiatives can help contribute to overall sustainable growth, at the individual company level they can reduce production costs to a significant degree. Thus, it is economically viable for companies to increase their focus on energy management.

In the optimized, demand-driven, sustainable factories of the future, energy management strategies and technologies will help manufacturers produce customized, high-value products at lower cost, a reduced carbon footprint, and with reduced risk.

The session began with ARC providing a preamble on the topic, fol-lowed by speakers from Steag and Tata Consultancy Services (TCS).

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