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September 19

Integrated Approach Key to Achieving Operational Excellence

Keywords: ARC Forum, Operational Excellence, Plant Lifecycle Management.

ARC's recent India Forum included a session on strategies to achieve operational excellence (OpX). ARC believes that the manufacturing sector is at an inflection point — the technologies are available, but need to be deployed effectively and more extensively. The future game-changers will be automation solution providers that are agile and flexible to the customer's needs and end user organizations that are open and receptive to adopting new technologies to their benefit. Both suppliers and end user organizations will achieve operational excellence only if they continually reinvent and reposition themselves in terms of streamlining processes and delivering world-class quality.

This Insight focuses on presentations made on business analytics, sustainability solutions, and effective plant lifecycle management through an integrated approach to achieve operational excellence.

Analytics for Industry - Driving Performance to the Next Level
Neelam Singh, Senior Analyst, ARC Advisory Group India's presentation was on analytics for industrial enterprises. The term "industrial enterprise" covers the gamut of manufacturers, raw material producers, and infrastructure and transportation service providers that make or provide products or services that consumers and other businesses need.

ARC Advisory Group clients can view the complete report at this Link.

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