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October 18

Industrial Cyber Security Requirements and Market Continue to Evolve

Keywords: Industrial Cyber Security, Critical Infrastructure.

ARC Advisory Group recently published a new version of its Industrial Cyber Security Global Market Research Study. It shows strong demand for cyber security products and services for the foreseeable future. Key drivers include increased concern with the security of industrial facilities and growing government involvement. The supply side of the equation is also changing with product consolidations, expanded services, and a general shift from emerging to mature market players.

Understanding these developments is essential for everyone involved in protecting critical industrial and infrastructure assets. Industrial cyber security requires a variety of technology and organizational deci-sions and mistakes can have devastating consequences.

Industrial Cyber Security Concern and Confusion Grows
Industry and government concern about the security of critical infrastructure has clearly risen over the last few years. Cyber attacks like Stuxnet and Shamoon demonstrated that even highly secured systems can be vulnerable. They also showed that industrial organizations have become prime targets for cybercrime and cyberwarfare. Reports by ICS-CERT and cyber security researchers about the increased frequency of such attacks have added urgency to the issue.

ARC Advisory Group clients can view the complete report at this Link.

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