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October 24

DELMIA-Apriso Integration Extends PLM to Production Operations and the Factory Floor

Keywords: Apriso, FlexNet, DELMIA, MES, MOM, Global Process Management, ERP.

Dassault Systèmes (DS) recently briefed ARC Advisory Group regarding the integration of Apriso manufacturing operations management (MOM) solutions with its DELMIA digital manufacturing and operations management brand. Apriso, acquired by DS in July of 2013, represents a best-of-breed MES solution provider for multiple industries including automotive, life sciences, aerospace & defense, consumer goods and packaging, and high-tech and energy. The Apriso solution set will become a part of the DELMIA manufacturing application portfolio.

With the integration of Apriso with DELMIA, DS extends the PLM lifecycle to factory floor operations and execution of the manufacturing process, providing greater coverage across the design/build/operate product lifecycle. This is a strategy that began with Dassault Systèmes' acquisition of Intercim in 2010.

The Apriso solution focuses on global manufacturing operations management. It offers a portfolio that includes manufacturing execution (MES), supply chain, warehouse, quality, machine/system integration, maintenance, and labor management applications. More recently, manufacturing intelligence, traceability and containment capabilities have been added. According to the company, combining this MOM solution set with the DELMIA digital manufacturing and process planning solutions will provide the manufacturer with a complete set of modeling, simulation, and operations solutions that range from engineering to production.

Apriso's FlexNet: A Global Manufacturing Platform
FlexNet, Apriso's flagship manufacturing operations platform, is designed to offer companies a way to manage and synchronize all elements of manufacturing across a global enterprise and supply chain, from warehouse replenishment to production systems and tooling to QA and maintenance.

FlexNet is made up of three distinct application suites: 1) the Global Manufacturing Suite, which contains Global Process Manager, Manufacturing Process Intelligence, and Global Traceability and Genealogy; 2) Manufacturing Applications, consisting of production operations, warehouse, quality, maintenance, and time and labor; and 3) the Adaptive BPM Platform, containing Process Builder and Analytics and Reporting. Clearly, Apriso designed FlexNet to provide an end-to-end, unified production process management solution across multiple manufacturing plants.

Today, many manufacturing companies are global enterprises, making it increasingly important for them to operate with common processes and systems across multiple sites. One of the significant strengths of the FlexNet platform is its ability to addresses the need for global process management through a set of common processes and systems that can be replicated across global manufacturing sites with multiple manufacturing models. The FlexNet Global Manufacturing Suite provides manufacturers with a Global Process Manager/Center of Excellence to standardize and enforce best practices; Manufacturing Process Intelligence (MPI) that provides visibility, analytics, and KPIs across operations; and Global Traceability and Genealogy to track and trace processes and materials.

DELMIA + Apriso: Extending PLM to the Factory Floor
When the Apriso FlexNet platform becomes fully integrated with the DELMIA manufacturing process management and virtual manufacturing solution set, the design/build domains will be extended to design/build/operate, thus providing a complete end-to-end PLM solution from product design to operations and supply chain. Of the many benefits of extending the product lifecycle to factory operations, one that stands out is enabling manufacturers to validate as-built to as-designed in terms of product design and manufacturing processes. Manufacturers can now apply the latest analytics to completed operations records and quality information to support their continuous process improvement efforts. And, they can continue to do so within an environment that experiences frequent engineering change orders without risk of operating with out-of-date information.

As a standalone manufacturing operations management (MOM) platform, Apriso's FlexNet represented the MOM component of a three-platform global manufacturing environment with ERP and PLM representing the other major enterprise platforms. When fully integrated, the combined Apriso /DELMIA solution will reduce the number of platforms required by DS manufacturing clients to just two: PLM/MOM and ERP, with Apriso providing the operational integration between the two platforms.

With the acquisition of Apriso and integration with DELMIA, DS has demonstrated its commitment to provide an end-to-end design/build/operate PLM solution, a strategy that has been pursued for several years. Manufacturers will benefit from Apriso's best-of-breed FlexNet global production process management capabilities along with DELMIA's manufacturing process management and virtual manufacturing simulation environment. Moreover, integrating a leading MOM solution with DS's overall PLM solution set provides manufacturers with a comprehensive product lifecycle and production operations solution, in their quest to better complete the product design and manufacturing process.

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