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October 24

Labor Trends Force Changes in Automation Services Approaches

Keywords: Aging Workforce, Automation, Automation Services, Labor, Workforce.

Owner-operators continue to focus in on their core competencies. Although these technology end users recognize the need for automation, it continues to receive less and less of their attention. As a result, the overall need for automation expertise will continue to outpace the available talent pool and put greater pressures on owner-operators to maintain their aging systems. People entering the field will need appropriate training and motivation to stay.

Owner-Operators Focus on Income Generation
In the early days of automation, a number of large manufacturing and energy companies developed their own automation hardware and software or partnered with technology firms to do so. They maintained a sizeable automation workforce as automation was viewed as a competitive advantage. Over time, owner-operators spun off or sold their automation arms as their focus shifted to the companies' respective core competencies.

Today, most owner-operators have decided to focus on their primary business and now rely on automation suppliers to provide the automation technology and innovation. In fact, many end users now consider their control systems to be commodities (see ARC Insight).

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