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October 31

Solution Guide and Strategies for Mobile Device Management

Keywords: Smartphone, Tablet, Android, MDM, Mobile Devices, Bring Your Own Device, BYOD, iPad, iOS.

Executive Overview
"Mobile device" is a generic term used to refer to a variety of small, handheld computing and communications devices that allow people to access data and information wirelessly from wherever they are. When you consider the proliferation of mobile device across the global population, and especially the acceptance and growth in the business, industrial, and infrastructure sectors, it is easy to understand the value that a solid mobile device management (MDM) solution can provide.

MDM enables organizations to proactively address the challenges associated with use of mobile devices in the workplace by providing a simplified, efficient way to view and manage all mobile devices from a central administration console. MDM enables administrators to enroll devices in the enterprise environment quickly, configure and update device settings over-the-air, and secure mobile devices. With MDM, administrators can manage a diverse fleet of mobile phones, smartphones, tablet computers, ruggedized mobile computers, mobile printers, mobile POS devices, etc. This applies to both company-owned and employee-owned devices, with the latter category widely referred to as "bring your own device," or BYOD.

By controlling and protecting the data and configuration settings for all mobile devices in the network, MDM can reduce support costs and business risks. The intent of MDM is to optimize the functionality and security of a mobile communications network while minimizing cost and downtime.

MDM is a rapidly growing market and a large – and steadily increasing – number of different MDM suppliers and solutions have emerged to serve this apparently lucrative market. With all the "background noise," it can be difficult for organizations to identify an appropriate MDM solution. The objective of this ARC Advisory Group solution guide is to help organizations sort through some of the available options and evaluate the best MDM solution for their specific requirements.

Table of Contents

  • Executive Overview
  • MDM Addresses Mobile Device Proliferation
  • What Is Mobile Device Management?
  • What Is a Mobile Device?
  • Emerging MDM Trends
  • Leading MDM Solution Providers
  • MDM Supplier Characteristics
  • MDM Solution Recommendations


ARC Advisory Group clients can view the complete report at this Link.

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