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November 15

Automation Technology Shows Promise to Increase Healthcare Efficiencies

Keywords: Automation, Healthcare, Mobile Robotics, Robotic Surgery, Simulation, Haptic Technology.

In the 21st Century, we're seeing a perfect storm for automating the health care sector. Key trends creating opportunities for automation include the shift in demographics to an aging population, a generation of medical professionals willing to accept computer technology, upward wage pressures, and a healthcare industry seeking operational efficiencies. Industrial automation suppliers have reengineered advances in mobile robotics, collaborative robotics, autonomous systems, and simulation tools for the healthcare market. These important technological advances address safety of a workforce working alongside automated machinery.

Based on an overriding need to improve operational efficiencies and reduce overall healthcare costs, the healthcare market will invest in a new technology as long as the technology can deliver demonstrated ability to better leverage human resources, improve medical outcomes, and/or reduce recovery times for patients and operating costs for hospitals. As the healthcare market looks to improve operational efficiencies, there are opportunities for automation suppliers to leverage their expertise in manufacturing to address this market.

This ARC Insight considers three case studies of early-stage automation in the healthcare industry related to emerging technologies that ARC regularly covers on an industrial level.

ARC Advisory Group clients can view the complete report at this Link.

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