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November 21

Connected Device Management Platforms Play Critical Role in Internet of Things

Keywords: Internet of Things, M2M, Connected Device Management Platforms, Connected Products, Device-Level Solutions, Enterprise Integration, Mobility.

Connected Device Management (CDM) platforms are emerging as pivotal, value-added components of the Internet of Things (IoT) architecture. These software entities -- used to manage intelligent connected products, devices, machines, and other assets -- reside between connected products or devices and the Big Data, analytics, cloud platforms, and other applications that reside at higher levels of the IoT architecture.

Served by products from companies, such as Axeda, ILS Technologies, and ThingWorx, among others, Connected Device Management platforms provide value-added functionality and the opportunity for competitive differentiation to connected products and devices. At the same time, these integral components act as the "glue" that links intelligent products and devices to higher layers of the architecture.

Device Management and the Internet of Things
ARC Advisory Group uses the term Industrial Internet of Things (IoT) to refer to the emerging practice of connecting intelligent physical entities, such as sensors, devices, machines, assets, and products, to each other, to internet services, and to applications. Industrial companies can use information from these connected devices to lower costs, optimize processes, and transform their applications, services, or business models. The IoT concept underlies emerging solutions, such as GE's Industrial Internet, IBM's Smarter Planet, and Cisco's Internet of Everything.

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