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December 06

Intelligent Pumps Offer Potential for Significant Energy Savings

By James Whalen

Keywords: Pumps, Industrial Pumps, Intelligent Pumps, Energy Savings.

Increasing energy costs over the last few decades have put more pressure on companies across all industries to find more efficient ways to utilize energy. Reducing energy consumption reduces both input costs and CO2 emissions for industrial organizations. The need to increase efficiency contributes to the gradual shift to consider total lifecycle costs, rather than just initial purchase and installation costs. Here, the energy consumption of an asset — whether or not it's actually in use — represents a significant component.

Unfortunately, purchasers of industrial pumps have been slow to embrace this lifecycle cost approach and, instead, often still base their decisions on antiquated techniques that result in significant wasted energy. ARC Advisory Group research indicates that, by implementing modern intelligent pump systems, industrial plants could realize significant energy savings, while reducing their carbon footprint.

Industrial Pumps Major Contributors to Energy Use
According to the US Department of Energy, industrial pumps consume between 25 and 50 percent of the total energy used by electric motors in industrial applications. This represents a huge expense to users; one that will only increase as energy costs trend upwards. Expenditures on energy are one of the largest cost contributors to most industrial processes and plants.

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