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December 12

Inexpensive Smartglasses Can Take Mobility and IoT to a New Level

Keywords: Smartglasses, Augmented Reality, Google Glass, Internet of Things, IoT.

Smartglasses employ see-through technologies for wearable, eyeglass-like displays that enable users to view information without obscuring vision of the real world. Google's high mindshare and publicity has helped heat up the smartglasses market.

Consumer electronics manufacturers invest to reduce costs and price which enables higher sales volumes. The lower price expands applications in industry. For smartglasses, current or anticipated products provide choices to fit a variety of application needs. The growing internet of things (IoT) and analytics will need a range of displays for the resulting information – including smartglasses.

Growing Market Awareness
The buzz around Google Glass has created interest in smartglasses, with several suppliers introducing or developing products. Though many have high expectations among consumers with this emerging product category, this Insight looks at the applications that make business sense in an industrial environment.

Smartglasses are different than "smart glass." Smart glass refers to windows for which the transmission of light varies based on voltage, light, or heat. The Boeing 787 Dreamliner cabin windows adjust with five levels of transparency.

Google's promotion of Google Glass generally focuses on the device's cool picture- or video-taking capabilities. However, this could also be done with a GoPro for $200 and used in a wider variety of situations.

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