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December 19

Labor Trends Force Changes in Automation Staffing and Processes

By Mark D. Sen Gupta

Keywords: Aging Workforce, Automation, Automation Services, Labor, Workforce, Millennials, Retention.

Owner-operators continue to focus in on their core competencies, cut-ting any expense not directly related to the production of product. However, the need to utilize automation technology has not diminished. The increasing complexity of the technology in the ever-expanding automation space demands a support staff with new and more diverse expertise. ARC Advisory Group believes that the overall need for automation expertise will continue to outpace the available talent pool. Owner-operators will need to rethink their workplace environments, their processes, and their approach to employees to prepare for the next generation of workers and help ensure business sustainability.

Owner-Operators Cut Costs
The first Insight in this series (see ARC Insight) discussed the industry trend that began in the 1990s to reduce costs by paring down automation staffs. Automation continues to hold a critical role in manufacturing. From a business standpoint though, automation is a sunk cost. As result, industry is running the installed technology as long as possible with the leanest staffs possible.

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