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January 30

The Truth about the Omni-Channel Customer Experience

Keywords: Omni-channel, Retail, Supply Chain, Logistics, Distributed Order Management, Inventory Optimization.

When it comes to the omni-channel customer experience, the first thought often goes to replicating a similar customer experience across channels. The problem here is that each channel is its own interaction point and is designed to deliver a different experience. Instead, the true driver of omni-channel customer experience is inventory availability to be able to fulfill orders on time and through the appropriate channel.

Retailers face a twofold challenge. First, they need to do a better job of empowering their customers, who clearly want to dictate the experience. And second, a technology gap hinders omni-channel operations. Too many retailers lack adequate resources to meet their customer demands. Once retailers face these challenges head on, they will be able to deliver a truly omni-channel experience.

What Is the Omni-Channel Experience?
Many in the retail industry believe that the omni-channel retail experience means that customers expect a similar experience across channels, with customer interactions in these channels the real driving point of the experience. However, as you look deeper into the omni-channel customer experience, you'll see that this is often not the case.

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