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June 30

Warehouse 2025

By: Steve Banker, ARC Advisory Group


A new generation of cutting-edge “robotic” order selection and material handling solutions has emerged.  Robotic solutions offer the prospect of achieving a highly automated warehouse with less risk, based on a more scalable investment path and more process flexibility. These solutions change the way we think about optimization in the warehouse, the way various warehouse processes will be conducted, what types of companies will be willing to invest in highly automated warehouses, and even what a warehouse will look like in the future.


New robotic solutions could put the following types of solutions and solution providers at risk, either through obsolescence or by placing downward pressure on sales and average selling prices:

·         Conveyors, sorters, and all existing types of automatic storage and retrieval

·         Voice and pick to light

·         Forklifts and pallet jacks

·         Consultants who specialize in automated warehousing projects

·         Warehouse Management Systems

·         Third-party warehouse solution providers

·         Real estate and construction firms that specialize in buying land for and building high bay warehouses


The adoption of new business technologies is often surprisingly slow and it will be many years, if ever, before these emerging robotic solutions obsolete the warehouse technologies mentioned above. That is why this Strategy Report is titled, “Warehouse 2025.” While the cutting-edge technologies that could transform warehousing exist today, we expect adoption to be rather slow for a variety of reasons that will be explained later in this report.


ARC clients can view the complete report at Warehouse 2025


If you would like to buy this report or obtain information about how to become a client, please contact      



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