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Wasay Rashid — ARC Report Abstract

IoT in Transportation

To support economic growth and stability, we need to ensure that our transportation networks remain reliable and secure.  Digitalization will help, as will IoT in transportation.
Valentijn de Leeuw — Industry Trends

Overcoming Cultural Barriers in Digital Transformation  

Valentijn de Leeuw, Vice President at ARC Advisory Group, will present a free webinar hosted by IChemE: “Overcoming Cultural Barriers in Digital Transformation in the Process Industries To improve Productivity”.
Peter Reynolds — Industry Trends

Manufacturing Sustainability at Center of Investments 

One of the world's largest investment firms, BlackRock, with nearly $7 trillion under management (including huge stakes in leading industrial manufacturers and energy companies), recently announced that sustainability issues would be at the center of its investment strategies moving forward, with manufacturing sustainability expected to be high on the list.
Tim Shea — Technology Trends

Multiphase Flow Metering and Virtual Flow Metering Markets Overview – Q&A

ARC recently completed a comprehensive market investigation into the multiphase flow metering (MPFM) and virtual flow metering (VFM) solutions market.  Lead author, Tim Shea, was interviewed by Allen Avery on some of the key highlights uncovered during the research process.
Paul Miller — ARC Report Abstract

Breaking Down Cultural and Organizational Barriers to Digital Transformation

As we learned this week at the 24th annual ARC Industry Forum, despite some initial false starts, questionable implementations, and organizational barriers to digital transformation, digital transformation is now beginning to deliver tangible business benefits in plants, factories, infrastructure, and municipalities around the world.
Larry O'Brien — Company and Product News

PAS Global Introduces Solutions to Ensure OT Integrity

PAS Global LLC, the OT Integrity company, announced new product releases of Cyber Integrity and PlantState Integrity and introduced a new solution called Decision Integrity.
Jim Frazer — Industry Trends

Smart City Challenges and the IEEE Systems Engineering Process

San Diego's Smart City Challenges and the IEEE Systems Engineering Process for Smart Cities - The challenges faced by San Diego are common to all Smart City designers and implementers worldwide. This is exactly why the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE) has embarked on building a "Smart City Planning and Technology" standard as well as face-to-face visioning workshops that make sure that all stakeholder communities are represented - and that all consensus-based user needs are supported. This IEEE effort is essentially a laymen's guide to applying a structured systems engineering process (SEP) to your Smart City efforts. It is inspired by the SEP as developed and applied by the US Department of Transportation for Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) projects. 
Larry O'Brien — Technology Trends

ARC Industry Forum AT&T Business Workshop: Multi-access Edge Computing (MEC) with 5G for Applications in Emerging Technologies

Manufacturing systems require network connectivity with ultra-low latency, high reliability, and high bandwidths.  Current network architectures limit the utility of these systems inside their private and latency-sensitive environments.  In this session, you will learn how MEC and 5G enable the near-real-time data processing and ultra-low latency that today’s industries require. Speakers include Clara Hustad of AT&T.  The session starts Monday, Feb. 3 at 1 PM.
Alex Chatha — Industry Trends

IoT and Smart Lighting Platforms at the ARC Industry Forum

In its 2020 Forum, ARC Advisory Group is expanding the Smart Cities track – filling it with thought-provoking talks and discussion on topics that matter to you.  One such session is IoT and Smart Lighting Platforms: The Dramatic Impacts and Hidden Opportunities of Convergence.
Eddie Fidler — Industry Trends

Learn About the Future of Mobility at the ARC Industry & City Forum

This session will feature case studies and perspectives highlighting the business opportunities of shared mobility, sometimes powered by autonomous vehicle technology, as well as the role public agencies need to play. Learn how the next generation of travelers will transform their habits, reduce single-occupant vehicles, reduce transportation expenses, travel safer, and increase pro​fitability of customer-focused mobility services. ​

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