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Tim Shea — Industry Trends

Chevron Launching Predictive Maintenance to Cut Costs & Improve Operations

ARC takes every opportunity to blog about examples of leading oil & gas companies that are embarking on their journey towards digital transformation and operational excellence. We are encouraged and excited when companies engage in strong technology partnerships that enable them to breakdown operational silos and harness the power of digital technologies to improve operational performance.  One of the lowest “hanging fruit” in terms of opportunities to leverage the benefits of digital transformation lies in predictive maintenance.
Guest Blogger: Jennifer Major — Industry Trends

How IoT with embedded AI is driving new revenue streams in the industrial world

When I ask people what they think the Internet of Things (IoT) is all about, the majority say, “smart homes”, probably based on personal experience with Alexa or Siri.  If I say that it’s also about industries making using of sensor data, most think of manufacturing.

Sharada Prahladrao — Industry Trends

Rising Fuel Prices and India’s Falling Rupee

Today’s gradually increasing oil prices have helped drive economic growth in energy-producing nations and supported renewed growth in the global operational technology (OT) industry.  However, rising energy prices have not been so good to countries such as India, which – while a major energy consumer – is neither a major energy producer or global OT supplier.  In fact, the rising fuel prices are putting additional pressure on India’s falling rupee.
Guest Blogger: Kevin Jones — Industry Trends

Integrating Maintenance Information

One of the challenges facing industrial process manufacturing is the growing number of data sources. Examples of these data sources could be shift reports, process data historians, laboratory information management systems, or manufacturing execution systems. Being able to easily connect disparate data sources for decision-making is a key challenge in the age of IIOT. The lack of connection of these data sources and the creation of data silos is one version of the “big data” problem we hear about.
Dick Hill — Industry Trends

Five Must-Have Manufacturing Metrics for Operational Excellence

Establishing appropriate metrics provides a foundation for continuous performance improvements. Quarterly performance reports typically contain metrics such as unscheduled downtime, production-per-unit-cost, quality-per-unit, or energy consumed-per-unit-produced. Unfortunately, these metrics are after-the-fact averages. Using them can be compared to trying to drive an automobile while looking in the rear-view mirror.

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Rick Rys — ARCView

Smart Building Management in the Cloud

Vancouver, British Columbia-based mCloud brings smart building management within the reach of a wide variety of businesses, with no upfront investment required.

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