Multi-Plant Quality Control and Management

The ARC survey, assessment and report provided a roadmap for systems that support the next level of business performance so they can continue to be competitive.

Client Challenges

pills1095-300px-cr.jpgThis global industrial manufacturer adopted Six-Sigma throughout their organization to ensure the very best quality.  They implemented numerous process quality initiatives to reduce defects rates.  But, the quality control and management systems were a collection of custom and legacy systems that constrained future improvements.

ARC Solution

ARC surveyed the plants and assessed the maturity of their manufacturing systems.  They determined that the quality control and management systems were behind and not able to obtain the benefits others are achieving in their market.  They were not positioned to move to the next level of needed business performance to remain competitive in their industry.  ARC assessed existing applications for SCADA and Quality.  ARC also reviewed applications for process historian, operations performance management and asset management.  From this analysis, ARC made specific recommendations for adoption of Custom-off-the-Shelf software (COTS) and de-emphasizing their internally developed software application.  The COTS solutions had matured to fit their needs in this regulated industry. ARC's report included a short-list of suppliers and an estimate of software acquisition and implementation costs.  Structured project implementation plans were outlined.


An enterprise wide systems strategy and architecture was developed across their multiple plants.  This provided a foundation for managing quality across multiple facilities located globally.  The strategy included quality control for both on-line (production operations) and off-line (engineering evaluation).  Further investment in their custom, internally developed application was de-emphasized allowing those resources to be applied to COTS software implementation.  The Six Sigma program is becoming more effective as teams gained access to the data and tools needed for the DMAIC process.  The company's 20+ year history of improving quality is now able to make further progress.

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